Permanent residence for expats spending 30 years in Kuwait

November 23, 20170 Comments

Several MPs are gradually coming up to the idea of granting permanent residence to expatriates spending 30 years in Kuwait, amid growing concern about the current demographic imbalance, and issue of marginal workers and visa trade.

The lawmakers did not overlook the demographic issue while discussing the idea, which they have carefully considered on humanitarian grounds. In this context, MP Abdullah Fahad stated the thought of granting permanent residency to expatriates who spent 30 years in Kuwait after relevant amendments is superb and well-deserved only if the beneficiary obtains police clearance to prove he/she is without criminal record or threatens public security.

He added the initiative if implemented will allow expatriates to invest in Kuwait instead of transferring money to their home countries. He noted Kuwait does not derive benefit from millions of dinars transferred outside the country monthly or yearly. He reiterated the proposal will help Kuwait to keep its humane heritage while maintaining good reputation, adding the proposal needs support and viewpoints of the MPs.

Meanwhile, MP Salah Khorshid pointed to items of the Interior Ministry regulations that give the go-ahead to granting permanent residency to expatriates. He is of the view that permanent residency should be given to expatriates based on their contribution to Kuwait and not the number of years spent in the country. He stressed that expatriates are always welcome to Kuwait. However, he is concerned about their increasing number, because they put a heavy load on facilities and services — citing traffic jam and medical services resulting from population imbalance.

MP Muhammad Al-Huwailah said the issue must be studied carefully to determine expatriates who deserve permanent residence. He reiterated advanced countries induce and attract individuals with exceptional qualifications who can support their economy by offering them special benefits.

Source : Arabtimes

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