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The below material is quoted from Arabtimes to whom it may concerns.

Question : I am currently on a different visa and my company is planning to get me a new visa as my old visa is not transferable. Could you please let me know the procedure for this because I have heard that if we cancel the visa and exit the country the company cannot get a new visa until 2 years have passed.

Answer: Some people really don’t understand the laws in the country but still offer advice which more often than not is totally wrong and lands people in a totally wrong situation.

Please understand that if you leave Kuwait legally i.e. after fulfilling all the requirements, like getting the clearance and cancelling your residence, then you can re-enter Kuwait as soon as you get a new visa.

There are no restrictions in this case. The restrictions on re-entering Kuwait after a certain period is only for people who are deported for various reasons, left Kuwait without cancellation of their residence or those who are absconding from their employers, etc. But if you take the legal route to leave the country, you will have no problems in re-entering the country.

Source : Arabtimes


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  1. hazen says:

    Hello, I would like to ask I am visa 18 and I work in private company I want to transfer to a new work and company because I am almost 3 years coming this month. But as the owner said I could only transfer in same field as a reception and a vet hospital?, How could I know if this is true I cannot transfer if not same field because my visa only for vet hospital? How would I check my stamp visa here in kuwait.

  2. Samivullah says:

    I have worked as driver in home for 1 year, I have got job in compan,then I have cancelled my residency I came back to India, my company has applied for visa, my visa application is rejected as they said that i had a driver or Mandub visa before so u can’t come back to Kuwait before 2 years as per kuwait labor law article 939, I lost my job please give me advice,even I cannot get shuoon visa also?

  3. Hi sir me mohd Tarique Khan 20 October 2017 (my visa cancelled) then what saying …i want to come again Kuwait so if you can help me sir. It’s a possible give a new visa sir ( i m a driver .( Thanks regards Tarique Khan..

  4. Xyz says:

    I medical unfitted 2016 March in kadamath . After I cannot get visa this Passport number
    Then i renew passport then try new visa .And I got new visa and medical fit stamping process completed.then I can continue staying in Kuwait or not
    Now I waiting for Kuwait medical.

    • ikbaal pinaash says:

      Hello please let me know how you made to come kuwait? they unfit you and then what all you did? you are in kuwait now?
      whats your current status?

  5. Abdul says:

    Dear Readers,

    need to ask I left Kuwait in April 2017 and my visa expired in June 2017. and now i have new job offer in Kuwait, my question is can i get New Visa?? as my company told they’ll cancel my visa after i leave Kuwait.

    Please Advise

  6. Good day readers and advisers! I need an urgent advice. i am visa 20 and i want to work outside like sales lady or cashier in the mall or local shops, is it possible to transfer my visa 20-18 directly?. Also if my employer will cancel my visa can i get a new one or i should find a sponsor?

  7. Anum Sheikh Pakistani visa already banned.

  8. So far no news its stil banned. Nobdy wil listen to rply u evn

  9. Hi po.i get release by end of ramadan .how I get 18visa and can I go vacation aftr one yr ..

  10. Dear Sir,

    Re below article. Is it being implemented or still under review by the govt.

    I went to shoun and attended the committee. I'm on government contract ( Art 18 ) and would like to transfer
    to private sector but then it was rejected as they say
    government to government contract only can be transfer.

    If this is only a proposal, any idea when it will be implemented.

    Hope you can clarify on this.

    As per Kuwait Times, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh recently issued two ministerial decisions pertaining to the transfer of work permits of laborers who wish to transfer their visas from the government sector to the private sector projects to work for the private sector as well as transfers within the private sector itself.

    Many thanks.


  11. hi po…can I asks I'm 20 vis i want to transfer 18 visa….what if my employer not give me released….and how? Can I allow to make aply my own visa to pay by myself……
    If not i have friend here shes18visa
    She can allow to make my visa ¹8
    Plssss I need to know this important to me

  12. Joe Rarld says:

    Ernesto Benjamin Thank you so much for replyed my query .

  13. Im a filipina lady and i want to to bring my husband here in kuwait under dependent visa (22). Is it allowed a wife to make a visa for a husband? And how much should be my salary written on my work permit? Pls advice..

  14. Please I have a question. I am a Cameroonian I need Visa 18 to work in kuwait for the first time. How and what are the procedures for me acquiring the visa? Is it possible?

  15. Right now shoon is close for transferring 20 visa to 18 visa

  16. At the moment above 50 years it's difficult to get the visa. Good luck to you.

  17. Exactly in this case when new company apply your visa it will be rejected(istiba) because in shoun system show's you have some issues. The new sponsor couldn't clear it from shoun. They have to clear from jawajat and immigration it is bit lenthy but they can do it. It might take 2 months time.

  18. First of all, the article 20 visa is only possible to transfer within same sponsorship. Like your employer have a company so he can transfer your visa from 20 to 18. Otherwise with different sponsorship not possible.

  19. Hello, he can't keep you as a dependent visa under him unless you are spouse or kids.

  20. Thank you for this information sir/maam,can i ask also regarding visa procedure i have a friend and he has a good salary can he make visa for me?

  21. What if someone visa expires after 6 months he can enter or not ?

  22. i whant visa any one have

  23. Joe Rarld says:

    Hi guys i want to know about i am working here in kuwait i wanna bring my mom here due to my wife going to deliver so under my name as dependant visa she is 72 years old can i ?please help me

  24. can you tell me about kuwait visa for pakistani people. They can get the visa or not?

  25. What is ur nationality Mr Santosh? Some nationality can avail visa in kuwait upon arrival, u dont need a sponsor for that.

  26. Dear All

    Just I have one question, I am Libya nationality , I was in Kuwait in 2011 to 2013 work with oil company after that move to Libya, right now I am in Libya I git another job in Kuwait with different company but they say no visa for Libya.
    possible to get private work visa or no?
    the shoon can do it for me or for company ?


  27. Hello when they will allowed to transfer the visa 20 to 18?pls answer I'm waiting thanks a lot

  28. is working visa avaliable for pakistanis ?

  29. U must get release to ur employer in order for u to transfer another sponsors

  30. Yes she can unless her salary is high and must be 18 visa

  31. U must get release to ur employer in order for u to work outside coz it needs releasing papers transferring ur visa to another sponsors

  32. I do worked for visa here in kuwait

  33. Hi sir do u really want to visit kuwait or just stay? For how long u want to stay?

  34. i am a buissness man want to visit kuwait please let me know as i dont know any sponsors

  35. Please send Some information related the retail job.

  36. question is how can i get release if my employer no like me to release but im not ready to go philippines im a kaddama… hope u ans me thank you

  37. give me one visa please. i am Bangladeshi

  38. I have a question pls do answer. I have a sister in kuwait working in MOH.CAN SHE APPLY TOURIST/VISIT VISA FOR ME?

  39. Hi to All…can I askd only.? Im 20 visa being as kadama…what if my employer not giving me release to transfer my 18visa…..because I'm not ready to go Philippine…I need to find work out here in question is? Can I allow me to file my own transfer visa if my employer not giving me released???
    Please I need your all advice..
    Thank you,

  40. My question how can a son made visa to her mother out of this country but the son already in the right age n he his kuwaitnationality wer he going to process those documents incase….tnx n have a nice day

  41. what are the new visit visa rule and for how many days is it issued

  42. Rod Lozada says:

    how about if the company will not give release…and you want to transfer other company…before they give release but their always changing their policy….

  43. He's asking about Drver visa.

  44. What if old company not removing name from shoon after canceling everything legally but after you left kuwait company mandoop have to went shoon for removing ur name but they are not doing so .. Purposely to stop me to get new job

    And new company can't get the new visa as my name is already mentioned in old company

  45. Good answer..agree ppls know the law who ppls say

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