Male prostitutes arrested in Kuwait

May 27, 20163 Comments

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The Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Ministry of Interior has confirmed the arrest of four Egyptians for engaging in immoral acts, along with another Egyptian found to be suffering from a communicable disease and was arrested earlier.

In a press statement, the department disclosed the concerned authorities have identified the company and its owner that brought the arrested Egyptians into the country on a commercial visa. The department revealed the owner of the company received money from the Egyptians as ‘commission’ from their immoral practices. Also, when the officers checked their documents, they discovered the suspects’ visas were expired.

During interrogation, the suspects confessed that they entered the country to engage in immoral acts such as prostitution. They affirmed their sponsor is aware of their immoral practices and he received commission from every ‘transaction’ which they carried out regularly — twice or thrice a day. The department added that the suspects also admitted being in ‘contact’ with the Egyptian found to be infected with a communicable disease, in addition to being in ‘contact’ with others and their clients.

The arrested Egyptians were referred to the relevant agencies where they will undergo blood test to determine their current health condition and they promised to help the authorities reach out to all their ‘clients’.

Source : Arabtimes

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  2. the sponsor aware of the immoral act they does,but did he try to think for just once that receiving commission it may lead those rotten people spreading the contageous disease(hiv)not only to him,his family it will be going to infect to the people whom living this country..this is a seriously disease and there is no cure yet,but treatment can control hiv and enable people to live a long and helathy life.but this rotten people must be capture to keep them out of spreading…we need to be aware of our environment.because this generation is getting worst people are free to do all the things they wanted to do…mostly people forget ALLAH above all things…

  3. That is what they deserve when they disobey Allah. good job kuwait

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