Law to allow women work part-time

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A candidate from the Second Constituency in the parliamentary elections Ahmad Yaqoub Baqer said he, during his past membership in the Parliament, had advocated for the law that bans the exploitation of women. He stressed that the law, which was a success, was one that no other member had called for in the past.

According to a press release, Baqer said this during a women forum titled “Family and concerns of the nation”. He went on to explain that he had presented the law to legislators and they fortunately had discovered that the UN laws support this law.

The law stipulates the protection of women from exploitation of their dignity in professional settings. It contains a provision that bans the employment of women in places specialized for men such as barber shops as well as banning men from working in places specialized for women.

The project also forbids forcing women to work after 10 pm except for professions specified by Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Baqer said the law, when it was presented in the parliament for approval, was a success and was enacted since 2006. He explained that he had also presented the Bluetooth Misuse Law, as per which taking pictures of women in ceremonies, salons and private places without their consent is regarded as a crime. Sending such pictures to others is considered as another crime.

Source : Arabtimes

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