Kuwaiti Woman back to home after 35 years for rights

October 31, 20150 Comments

back-to-home-kuwait-upto-dateAs per ARABTIMES, A Kuwaiti woman, identified only as N and born in Egypt of Egyptian mother and Kuwaiti father is said to be visiting Kuwait for the first time in 35 years, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

According to her, her father married her mother in Egypt and the marriage lasted for 10 years before he left her mother and her for a simple reason. She added, her father who was already married at that time wanted to keep the marriage to his Egyptian wife secret.

She added, after her father left her she suffered a lot of pain and although he used to give her between 100 and 200 Egyptian pounds for sustenance, she never asked him for anything. She added, her father was an employee of the Ministry of Awkaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait and also was a real estate businessman.

According to the daily, N holds official documents which prove she is Kuwaiti. She is married to an Egyptian and is a mother of two children. She said after the death of her father, identified only as Kh A. H., about 10 years ago, she refused to visit Kuwait for fear of stepping into an unknown future which has become a reality now.

She went on to say after her siblings in Kuwait learned that they have a sister in Kuwait born to an Egyptian mother, at first they suspected her and asked for a DNA test. A committee from the Ministry of Interior went to Egypt and the test affirmed she was indeed the ‘girl’ born to their Kuwaiti father. Her brothers reportedly offered her money to relinquish her right to her father’s property. She said she does not know any of her uncles or aunts, except her brothers.

She said she arrived in Kuwait two weeks ago with her husband on a commercial visit visa and lives in an apartment rent KD 200 per month. She said her brothers want to ensure that she returns to Cairo since she will not be able to bear the cost of living.

She said her father died in Egypt and she got a death certificate from the authorities because she is his daughter and his remains were repatriated to Kuwait immediately after death. She said she will live in Kuwait until the issue is settled and has registered with Department of Nationality and Passports and was treated well. She concluded by saying, her husband had to leave for Egypt because his visit visa could not be renewed.

Source : Arabtimes


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