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June 20, 20141 Comment

The Pixies are Kuwait’s first ever all female Paintball team. They are coached by American pro paintball player and filmmaker Timothy Carr aka TJC Films and Kuwaiti Pro player Mohammed Ilmousawi. The ladies of the Pixies are practicing hard up to 4 times a week in hot weather during the day. Some have even been practicing with injuries as well. p2

They played US Air Force and US Army teams and wrecked them in less than a minute. They are comprised of Kuwaitis, a Pakistani, 2 Bulgarians, Christians and Muslims all on the same team together! But they don’t see those differences. They just see a fellow female paintballer who is in it to win it. They are grinding their fingers to the bone to rep Kuwait and Women all over the world. Problem is they only have the most basic used and outdated gear.  p3Even with that they are taking down every team they come across handily. They will be participating in the Kuwait Paintball Tournament 7 on June 27th this month in the “pro” division. They will be playing against Planet Eclipse and Dye sponsored teams with the latest and greatest gear and guns. There are 6 dedicated female players who hardcore into it. There is even have a mother daughter duo on the team. They will be traveling to play in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Thailand and Malaysia as well. We really want these girls to succeed and ultimately face off against Iran’s all female team and win.

p1 TJC Films will be producing a documentary about the Pixies and would love to be able to talk about the companies who have stepped up to help the Pixies in that movie. If you are interested in sponsoring the team contact coach Tim at 965-9955-9654 or [email protected]

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