Kuwait introduced new fines

October 12, 201464 Comments

Rules at Messilah Beach , Kuwait
Thanks Mehroz Kazmi for info

Importing or storing nuclear substances could lead to the death penalty

under a new environmental law that came into effect in Kuwait on Sunday. The controversial legislation also includes a KD 250 ($860) fine for picking flowers, while littering or causing the death of marine and land fauna will incur a KD 500 fine for each penalty, and smoking in closed and semi-closed public areas a KD 100 fine. Other violations include noise and sea pollution.

A new police force division also has been established to monitor the new rules. The legislation was approved by the previous parliament and came into effect on Sunday. The Environmental Protection Authority’s deputy director for technical affairs, Mohammed Al Enezi, said the body also had new powers to refer government organisations for investigation if they were believed to be negligent or lenient in enforcing the new rules.

“Violators will be severely punished as well,” he said, according to Kuwait Times.

Source : Arabian Business

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  1. Follow first before u complain,,

  2. Theses rules are for nobody I have nit seen any body has stop smoking publically

  3. Are the Kuwaitis will have to follow these rules too??? Are they gonna be fined for real??? Cause most of what is described here is mostly what they do all the times. I have seen one yesterday at Avenues smoking and he didn't look like he was sacred of any fine… And all the kids that finish they soda's can and through it in the street even though there is a trash can 15 meters away… Will they be fined??? Let me be sceptical…

  4. Next time, you will get a fine when you inhale kuwait air…..

  5. fines……………..for bad behaviour citizes

  6. Wackly Haluwana yes for muni bhaskar visa 20 r no human. only he is human (he thinks that)

  7. It will affect only expats because there income is peanuts, for Kuwaitis the government will introduce a new pay & allowance to meet the the threat of fine? Is it fine?

  8. It's all bullshit..u guys no need to worry about it ..

  9. Flowers are planted along roadways and varios places

  10. Imran Khan says:

    I Agree With It This rules is not for kuwaities … Its for other citizenes

  11. Krish Bk says:

    Partition available near McDonald's old Souk.. available ngayon October 25… Contact # 97764068

  12. Yes … and not just once …. more than once I have seen my self a Kuwaiti Citizen smoking inside the hospital and on front window there is a notice says 500KD fine ….!!! I think more education and awareness is needed rather than just Fines !!!

  13. Only 1 salam alaykum for them then chicks tto chicks its kalas….specially in airport locals are the one who's doing this

  14. Waleed Way says:

    This is fucking unfair

  15. Why 20 visa is nt humans..?

  16. if I had 250 kd why the hell I would pick flower I will go buy 10 boxes of em

  17. guys its a rule and rule are made to brake. if no one brakes the rule think how it can be made, simple enjoy the rule !

  18. if you found any get me one

  19. This law ok bet to much people not wife and husband take need law to much people visa20 flat take inlegel family need law that

  20. I hope they will apply to kuwaities n non kuwaities

  21. Sounds good that there is law concerning the protection of environment. But, the question is, maybe the "law maker are the law breaker?"

  22. Smoking shit in hospital the people sitting on counters smoke.

  23. For other nationality like me let us follow what the rules implemented by the government of kuwait we dont have the right to question or make some arguments ….this is not our country so we must obliged to respect this implementation for the sake of our own benefit to avoid the fined imposed..

  24. if you go to all police station. It smell cigarettes. 90% of police smoke. This rules will be followed by most expat. But what if they catch kuwaity nationals. Anyway this rules are not bad. I just hope it will be followed by all and a fair case for all. They should start expanding the jail. hahahahah!

  25. All rules in Kuwait, is all for expats only, except Americans, and Europeans.

  26. if u bring piece of land from your country .. smart and aware 🙂 🙂

  27. if u bring piece of land from your country .. smart and aware 🙂 🙂

  28. dun think so. i remember picking flowers in my childhood days.

  29. African donated KD 1 million for Kuwaitis. Hahahaha

  30. Shaik Vali says:

    This rules for only other countries citizens or Kuwait citizens also?

  31. …. almost all peaple any nationality especially drive thru or buying at restaurant stop over … if they're finished eating they will just throw the whole rabish down thier car and go … kaliwali have Bangali cleaning thier mess …
    … smoking concern … all guilty never mind smoking infront of any shop inside coops or restaurant …
    be strick implementing it …
    we all respect the law … and must be applies to all …
    we respect you KUWAIT

  32. Punish the expats….there are so many more than us

  33. no kids under 10 can smoke….hehehehe

  34. Aadam Adam says:

    ohh flower pickingggggg lol, Kuwait is desert country and they making funny laws for expats

  35. littering fine first was introduced by Baba Jaber Al Sabah. Don't know of they have stopped it after and brought back now.

  36. That's why it's the richest country in the world.

  37. I respect the law but how about Kuwaity pepole who don't care about this , even in hospital reception I saw receptionist smoke front of the sick people

  38. observe first your own nationality before the expats! they are the 1 who violating all of your law which you cannot control! all kuwaiti shabab are very rude in the road! all of them are stupid by driving! littering and smoking too!even your young ages! give lesson to your young shabab and badoons! not always expats your rulling!