KD 300 for visa transfer fees

March 27, 201648 Comments

As per Kuwait TimesMinister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh recently issued two ministerial decisions pertaining to the transfer of work permits of laborers who wish to transfer their visas from the government sector to the private sector projects to work for the private sector as well as transfers within the private sector itself.

In this regard, Manpower authority director Ahmed Al-Moussa explained that the first decision allows an employer to transfer work permits of a laborer who works for him under a government contract to private sector if he has completed the project in return for a KD 300 fee per laborer.

Al-Moussa added that once transferred to the private sector, laborers would not be transferred back to government contracts unless decided otherwise by a supreme disputes committee and after paying a KD 300 fee per laborer.

Al-Moussa said that the second decision allows an employee to transfer a laborer’s work permit to work for him with exemption from the service duration condition and in return for a KD 300 fee per laborer, provided the original owner approves the transfer. — Al-Anbaa

Source : Kuwait Times


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  1. Abdule gaffar says:

    As Salamlekum
    My Visa 18 project Visa,allrade 11 months kalas I want to change my Visa plzz any suggestion
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    Whatsap +96550996192

  2. Mohammad says:

    How can I change 20 visa to 18.. Please Anyone Help me…

  3. Dear respectively sir please contact us might be interested in have 1 years ago I came in was working numou food beverage company they will deselect me know if was out of companies so if have then information I want my passport and change company did you help me please contact 97612371

  4. yean can call me 55752446 krishna

  5. yeah possible call me 55752446

  6. call me 55752446 krishna

  7. Hi sir,,i have six year to my company as goverment visa but 18,,now,,im hire to to company as private visa,,sir,,we have to transefer my visa to private visa if ever im avail 300 kd,,plss sir i need ur guidance beacuse i have only 12 day balance to my ressigmation paper to my compony

  8. U can change majra visa after 3 yrs

  9. Asad Ambia says:

    I need my friends 20 to 18 change but my friends not have iqama 8 month so what I do can advice me thanks

  10. Hi friends i have visa 18 working with a reasturant signed two year contract but I want to change after my contract is done to another company.is there any problem advice mi pliz

  11. Majra visa chage a not sir stil

  12. Since Dec. 2007 my private sector visa.now I start in january 2016 working in project visa.can I change my visa in private sector without any pay money

  13. can farm visa change .. is their any update regading that 1000s of people waiting for rule to change

  14. Can I transferred my 20 visa to 18..

  15. Hi everyone , i need visa 18 no.company or 20 no. Khadim if you have visa for sale so contact me 69979482

  16. Hi sar how are you my visa is mazra I want cenj visa wit time you cang visa call mi my number 90978655 tans sar call mi pilis sar ok by

  17. mean ministery project visa can
    transfer to private sector ?
    when came this rule ?
    can reply anyone ?

  18. plz help me…. my brother transfer visa..

  19. If ur house maid or 20 we can transfer in visa 18 with out relixing from imploye

  20. Subramanyam Reddy Kommuru u can only transfer ur 20 visa to 18visa if shoon is open for transferring 20-18 visa right now shoon is close

  21. Im too change visa i will pay 300 kd plz help me

  22. Currently it Cannot transfer to any other thaan masra even after completing 10 years

  23. I have mazra visa i come and no gI've no. Plizz

  24. Hello sir I'm in work 19 year Mazra visa can I transfer Mazra to company please tell me

  25. Mohammed Alshab
    Hello sir I'm in Mazra 19 year can I transfer my visa please

  26. I have project visa so can I change privat sector visa or realise visa plz infrom me admin ..

  27. My visa it was project visa before1 mth I try to transfer to privet secter shuoon rejekt my transefer . Now can transfere uf I pay 300 kd pls explaine to me?

  28. you cant change mazra visa another compny..ok

  29. Mohammed Alshab tnanq freind but can't in kuwait change?

  30. Can i possible to transfer from government visa to another government company ?

  31. first find ou an employer or sponser who willing to give you 18 no visa who ready to send it to your mother country. after that cancel your khadim visa legally from all using your sponser after that go to your country. and complete all required proceedure after getting new visa. in india it takes 2 months aproximately

  32. as per this article my answer is no

  33. currently it cannot transfer to any other thaan masra. even after completing 10 years

  34. mazra visa commonly comes under private if the number behind ur civil id is 18

  35. How to change project visa

  36. Hi freinds i need chenge 20to 18 akkama how?

  37. Is Mazra visa status will comes under this rule? plzz reply

  38. Mazra visa comes under government visa or not please any body tell me

  39. Can any body tell me please that Mazda visa comes under government visa or not

  40. Hi,
    Mazra visa comes under government visa or not… can it be change to private sector …

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