Jahra Road & Jamal Abdul Nasser Street Projects , Kuwait

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mainlargest single infrastructure project in Kuwait and one of the largest project of its kind in the Middle East of 507.18 Million KWD

Ministry of Public Works recently announced that work is progressing on the upgrade of Jamal Abdul- Nasser Street. He added the project, which includes the construction of bridges, slopes, roads and traffic diversions is 49 percent to stage of completion, reports Al- Seyassah daily. Source : Aratimes (01.01.2015)jjjjtitled

Video – Jamal Abdul Nasser Road Project

Video – Jahra Road Project

Project Background (Source : JahraProject)
Jahra road Project has historically been one of the core transport routes running through the heart of Kuwait, and has witnessed exceedingly busy traffic lines with consistently rising numbers of users. it is a part of the strategic plans of motorway improvements in Kuwait, constantly being put forward by the Ministry of Public Works, Al-Jahra Road Project is one of which attempting to transform the simple 3-lane Jahra road into a grand unified highway.

Project location
The project is located in the western region of Kuwait, which extends from the Jahra Gate (Jahra Gate Roundabout – Sheraton) to the United Nations Roundabout.j8

Commencement Date
The starting point dates was on the 13th of September, 2010

Completion Date
13th of September 2015

Project costj10

Project objectivesj9•Address the growing traffic volumes.
•Separate the through and the local traffic
•Improve traffic safety
•Reduce traffic congestion
•Improve the level of service for road users by increasing the lanes from 6 to 12 in both directions.

Elevated structures include
• Total of 17.7 Km of mainline viaduct including 7.3 Km of mainline Jahra Road , 2.4 Km Link roads and 8.0 Km of Ramps and 620 , of depressed road.
•Setting up a fully utilized precast yard located in Doha area occupying a total surface area of 150000 m2 for the purpose of fabricating a total of 8395 concrete precast pre-stressed bridge segments.

Project phases

– Phase one: Jahra Gate to Airport Road .
Phase 1 is situated at the east end of the project starting from 1st ring road up to Airport road. It consists of the at grade Jahra main line, the crossing of second ring road and one ramp.  The crossing of Jahra road and second ring road consists of a trough and an at-grade roundabout.
The ramp JRP transfers the traffic from the second ring road to Jahra road in direction of Jahra.

Main features of the work to be done in this phase are:

  • 2 Abutment
  • 1731 Trough Piles
  • 24 Roundabout Bridge Piles
  • 83 Ramp Piles
  • 9 Pile Caps
  • 7 Pier Stems
  • 3 Pier Crowns
  • 4 Diaphragms
  • 149 Segments

– Phase two: United Nations Roundabout to Hospital Road (Al Sabbah Medical District)


Phase 2 is located at UN Roundabout and is the south western end of the project, toward the city of Jahra. It consists of the units 1 to 8 of the main line, part of hospital road and 6 ramps.
Ramps JRA and JRB will allow transfers to the 4th Ring Road. The partial opening on this part of the project is expected soon, as segment erection of these ramps has been completed.
Ramps JRC and JRD will make connexions with the future Hospital Road.
Ramps JRE and JRF are on and off ramps from the main line to the service roads.
Main features of the work to be done in this phase are:

  • 8 Abutment
  • 1663 Piles
  • 181 Pile Caps
  • 171 Pier Stems
  • 156 Pier Crowns
  • 74 Diaphragms
  • 3016 Segments

– Phase three: Hospital Road to Al Ghazali Road
Phase 3 is located between the hospital road and Ghazali Bridge and consists of the units 9 to 20 of the main line and 4 ramps.bRamps JRG, JRH, JRI and JRJ are on- and off- ramps from the main line to the Jahra service roads.

Main features of the work to be done in this phase are:

  • 4 Abutment
  • 974 Piles
  • 106 Pile Caps
  • 102 Pier Stems
  • 86 Pier Crowns
  • 73 Diaphragms
  • 1989 Segments

– Phase four: Ghazali Road to Airport Road
Phase 4 starts east of Ghazali bridge and ends after the crossing with Airport road. It consists of the units 23 to 28 of the main line, part of Airport road, and 3 ramps.bThe ramps JRN is an off-ramp from the Jahra main line to the service roads.bThe ramp JRM transfers the traffic from airport road to the Jahra main line in direction of Jahra.bThe ramp ARA is an off-ramp from Airport road to its service roads.

Main features of the work to be done in this phase are:

  • 4 Abutment
  • 836 Piles
  • 91 Pile Caps
  • 85 Pier Stems
  • 76 Pier Crowns
  • 69 Diaphragms
  • 1834 Segments

– Phase five: Al Ghazali Road Interchange
Phase 5 is situated in the middle of the project, where Jahra Road meets Ghazali Road. It consists of the units 21 and 22 of the main line, the Ghazali Bridge and 4 ramps. Ramps JRK and JRL transfer the traffic from the Ghazali Bridge to the Jahra main line in direction of Kuwait city. Ramps GRB and GRC are on- and off-ramps to the Ghazali service roads.

Main features of the work to be done in this phase are:

  • 2 Abutment
  • 1029 Piles
  • 112 Pile Caps
  • 110 Pier Stems
  • 67 Pier Crowns
  • 32 Diaphragms

Precast Yard (Source : ArabTimes)
Reinforced concrete slabs, beams and other items used in the building of Jahra highways are manufactured in a special yard with special technology employed for the first time in the Middle East region.The precast facility, the first ever precast yard for producing segments in Kuwait is a fully computerized and automated facility that makes all the components according to the exact technical specifications required by the consultant, said Project Engineer of the Jahra Road Development Project Yasser Budastour as he spoke Wednesday to the press at a guided site tour for the media of the Precast Yard for the project located in the Doha area organized by the project administration.The Precast Yard, a 150,000 m2 facility located away from the actual project site, is the location housing the advanced machinery and high-tech equipment used for the bridge segments production for the Jahra Road Development Project. The facility also houses the steel and segment mould factory.

What does the Jahra Road Development Project entail? (Source : Menspassion)

In addition to transforming the Jahra Road into a unified highway, the project also includes the There are a multitude of utilities and drainage structures along the length of the project route which will require relocation, protection, and refurbishment. Renovation works include:

1 – Relocation of water linesj2
Due to the expansion of the current road and the construction of new bridges, the water lines extending under the Jahra Road will be relocated and new water lines will be constructed. This process will be executed without affecting the existing water lines, which will be removed after the completion of the new water lines without interrupting water flow.

2 – Relocation of sewage system
Sewage pipe systems, especially the ones located under interchanges will be relocated. Works will also include the preservation of the depressed sewage pipeline located between Al Aridiya Station to the pump station “A7”, and Mohammed bin Al Qassim Road to Al Ghazali Street, in addition to relocating a 800 meter pressurized 2000 mm pipeline at 300+10 station, next to Al Khalil bin Ahmed Road.

3 – Preservation works and relocation of gas lines
After constructing the new gas line (Kuwait Petroleum Company) from Al Ahmadi Port to the desalination plant through the Airport Road. The current gas line (15 inch) which extends under the Jahra Road from the United Nations Roundabout to Al Shuwaikh station, based on a request put forward by the Kuwait Petroleum Company.

4 – Relocation of Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) cablesj1
High voltage cables will be moved from locations where bridges will be constructed. A bypass facility will be construction for electricity and telephone cables as an alternative to the narrow width between the Airport Road and the 2nd Ring Road (opposite the petrol station and nearby Kuwait Sports Club).

5 – Relocation of Telephone services
Telephone lines from variety of locations, especially those at interchanges will be relocated and new lines will be built. This process will be executed without affecting the existing telephone lines, which will be removed upon the completion of new lines without interrupting services.

6 – Irrigation and project location works
Irrigation services will be implemented at the project location as follows:

Palm: 1,708 – Trees : 11,522 – Seedlings: 118,978 – Tree fences: 74,035 – Vegetation: 185,919 – Flat Herbs: 198,129

An integrated irrigation system will be built for the entire project where desalinated water will be used to irrigate plantations.

7 – Rainwater drainage systemj3
The project will include a rain water drainage system

The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) – Roads Engineering Department (Motorways)

Project Designer and Supervision Team
Louis Berger Group, in collaboration with PACE are project designers and consultants.

Project Contractor
Arab Contractors Company (ACC) – Othman Ahmed Othman.

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