Female employer were used to bit, beat, poked the eyes and put the chili in private parts (Via Arabtimes)

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filipina-in-kuwaitAccording to ARABTIMES, Two Filipino household service workers (HSWs) working in the same household escaped from their employer and sought refuge at the Philippine Embassy shelter in Hateen area after enduring allegedly eight months of severe physical abuse from their female Kuwaiti employer leaving them with bruises and scars all over their body.

She allegedly abused them verbally, bit them, poked their eyes till blood oozed out, hit them with a broom, hose or other hard objects. Worst of all, she almost cut the tongue of one of the two HSWs and even inserted a small bottle filled with chili hot sauce and other spices into her private part.

Rhea narrated that on Feb 27-28 this year, her female employer took her to the kitchen outside and asked her to strip naked and inserted a bottle of chili hot sauce into her private part. “I cried so hard and asked her to stop and she was happy to see the dripping chili sauce,” she shared. Then in June during the holy month of Ramadan, her female employer attempted to cut her tongue. “I turned my face away when she was trying to open my mouth. She tried to cut my tongue using a pair of scissors but I was shoving her away and she cut my upper lip and my front tooth was broken,” sobbed Rhea as she showed the scar on her lip making it look like a harelip.

Meanwhile, her other Filipina colleague, Flora (not her real name), 27, married who also hails from Iloilo City arrived at the same household on Dec 22, 2014. Like Rhea, Flora claimed she also suffered severe physical abuse in the hands of their female employer though not as grave as what happened to Rhea. “Last April 1, she hit my left arm with hose and it left a huge hematoma. She hits us daily and bites us, look at all these scars, these are all bite marks from my madam,” she stated. Aside from the physical and verbal abuse, their lady employer also shaved their heads, leaving them bald.

Rhea and Flora are now staying temporarily at the shelter while waiting for the results of the case they filed against their employer.

Source : Arabtimes


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