Easy procedures for Expats to own properties in Kuwait

February 16, 20170 Comments

Board Chairman of Al-Shabib Real Estate Group Bader Al-Shabib disclosed the company sent 21 new files of expatriates who applied for ownership of investment apartments to the Council of Ministers, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Shabib confirmed the applicants met the prerequisites and conditions governing ownership of property by non-Kuwaitis. He said applicants included citizens of Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Palestine. He reiterated they submitted the files only after completing the necessary procedures.

He urged the concerned authorities to ease procedures of owning property in Kuwait for expatriates, while ownership application files should be submitted to the Ministry of Justice instead of the Council of Ministers.

He said the system will boost the real estate market and local economy in general. He stressed the idea helps keep money inside the country rather than encourage expatriates to transfer funds to their countries. He indicated this service should be the least that Kuwait could offer to expatriates who spent over 15 years in the country.

Source : Arabtimes

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