Dog meat in tons of rotten flesh set for sale to public (Source : Arabtimes) #kuwait

September 26, 201461 Comments

dogdSource of news & photo credit : Arabtimes

Officers from Hawally Detectives Department, supervised by Chief Brigadier Abdul-Rahman Al-Suhail, arrested an Egyptian butcher for the possession of 2,000 kgs of spoilt meat, including dog meat, ready for sale to unsuspecting customers.

dddnThe department obtained information that the man usually transports a large quantity of meat in a huge vehicle to be sold to people in their homes and fellow butchers at a low price.

The officers, led by Colonel Waleed Al-Fadhel, arrested him in the act. The officers then asked the Kuwait Municipality to test a sample of the meat and the result revealed it is not fit for human consumption.

They have also started apprehending shop owners who purchased the spoilt meat for resale to customers.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Department at Kuwait Municipality announced that the Ahmadi Municipality Emergency Team raided an unlicensed dairy plant in Barr Juwaehil wherein they seized and destroyed 500 liters of milk and 100 kgs of butter.

They also seized some catalyst materials for milk which were unsuitable for human consumption. The officials have taken legal procedures against the plant, starting with outright

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  1. Javed Zia says:

    I think government and people they both are sleeping

  2. For 2 years!!!! WTF guys!!

  3. Allah save all Human being whose doesn't know what is happening all around Us…. Alhamdullillah Police got this people…

  4. Even vegetables from India & Pakistan are grown using dirty sweage water lace with human feces,

  5. Is dog meat even kosher or halal?

  6. Thanks kuwait police u have done a good job

  7. Ya Allah haram stop eat outside

  8. Oh my god how come dogs meet they sale in kuwait …

  9. This people not afraid to god,eat ur own meat fucking people…let them to eat all that meat dog

  10. Thank for those raids this

  11. Those who is involved in this should be punished and deport from Kuwait all over gulf countries they are not humN being … They dogs .

  12. Md Zaki says:

    Punish them so hard that nobody ever think of to do the same in their entire life.

  13. Better to avoid eating meat, try to replace with fish and veg. . . .

  14. astagh firullah
    allah huakbar

  15. Ahmed Khan says:

    Kuwait govt. need to take a very strong action for food checking also need to stop bring meat from outside

  16. Take note…… Egypt ian butcher.


  18. But where did they got all that dog meat

  19. Ensan Ser Alhen Akbor Haiwan fel Alom,,, wallahe jannam

  20. I never ate meat in hotels since i came to Kuwait, Allah saved me 🙂

  21. I never ate meat in hotels since i came to Kuwait, Allah saved me 🙂

  22. Baladiya should always follow up with the butchers not repeat this kind of dirty bussiness

  23. OmG….haram wala…..sheet…..

  24. That is stupid people who do this its better to give him a punishment through hang.up.withssticks. Bulsit

  25. They most paniest ho sale the meat of dog

  26. Par Reshad says:

    Vegetarian is the way to go

  27. this makes me not want to order my food now! how did they get the meat. they killed all the stray dogs in kuwait lool!!! justt kidding but honestly it is dog mean how hard would it be? even if it was cats their are an abundence here in kuwait. I just cant beleive that people come up with such and idea let alone act it out. shame on them!!

  28. Kuwaiti people are sleeping ? how they bring that meat in the country ? but its good work they raided and destroyed spoilt meat