Cultural Centre at Sabah Al Ahmad City , Kuwait

November 6, 20142 Comments

cultural-gal-03-aBDP/Pace were commissioned by PAHW to design the Sabah Al-Ahmad City Cultural Centre, a keystone civic buildings within the new city of Sabah Al-Ahmad. Following a limited design competition the team were appointed to develop all aspect of the design up to tender stage.cultural-gal-01-a

The Cultural Centre lies at the heart of the new city. It will be one of the most important buildings within Sabah Al Ahmad. It will reflect Kuwait’s rich heritage, but also encompass popular culture, providing state of the art facilities and an inspirational home for a wide range of cultural activities. This mix of functions are fundamental to the establishment of a great city and at the heart of civilized society.

cultural-gal-02-aProject is built on a 27,000 m² site and its components are:

2 theaters, 700 seat & 250 seats for all sorts of theatrical productions; 200 seat Conference center with flexibility for hosting conferences with different capacities; 250 seat Recital hall for music performances; Children culture center with many cultural activities for children including a 150 seat theater; Amphitheater for outside performances; Museum; Art gallery for hosting art exhibitions; Library; Book exhibition for hosting book fairs; Oasis: a green air-conditioned large space for public gathering , a cultural café and other cultural activities.cultural-gal-07-a

Client: Public Authority for Housing and Welfare
Size: 55,000m²
Completion: 2017
Cost: US$ 87.5 million
Components: Theaters, Musuem, Gallery, Library, Conference Centre, Children Cultural Centre, “Oasis” Gathering space.
Associates: BDP

Source : Pace Kuwait

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  1. I hope someone remembers to include adequate parking.

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