Controlled termination of public sector expats

September 5, 20170 Comments

Foreigners working in ministries and other public sector institutions will not have their jobs ended abruptly quoting high level government sources.

The same sources said the services of expatriates working in the public sector will be terminated gradually or in other words it will be what the authorities called ‘controlled’ termination.

For example, the authorities explained, those who will face an early axe are the elderly employees who do not have children studying in secondary schools.

The sources pointed the Civil Service Commission has decided to replace expatriates with Kuwaitis in all five professions and disciplines and the percentage of replacement will be 100% at varying rates within 5 years. In the case of resignations and termination of services, a decision has been taken by the Council of Ministers to forbid the reappointment of non- Kuwaitis.

Another decision taken by the Council of Ministers exempts the reappointment in certain rare cases. However, they will not be reappointed in the same establishment. However, this decision does not apply to those who were dismissed for disciplinary reasons and those who have not completed at least one year in service except for those who are appointed on a lump sum pay, and have proved efficient and of good character during past one year.

Source : Arabtimes

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