Arrest Man Eating Live Animals (Via ArabTimes)

September 18, 201415 Comments


Humanitarian activist Mariam Al-Kharafi has called on the Ministry of Interior to arrest a citizen who has appeared in video clips eating live animals, reports Al-Rai daily. Al-Kharafi told the daily she will sue selfstyled cannibal and call for punishment according to the law.

The citizen who calls himself the cannibal has kicked a storm by defying the law and saying in the clip he does not fear the punishment. Commenting on what he described himself as cannibal, Al-Kharafi said what he does is “contrary to religious teachings and humanitarian norms and exceed the bounds of reason and logic.” She added, Kuwaiti laws punish anyone who kills an animal owned by others or gives it a toxic substance, or injures it according to Articles 165 and 253.

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. W dupę jebany kozojebca!

  2. Tony Abbas says:

    He is what we in England call a prick.

  3. 2 thumbs up. i was amazed that there are some kuwaitis who love animals..

  4. He need psychology bring him to mental hospital he is crazy…he didn't know what's doing.

  5. His not human or animal his evil jijijjj

  6. This man is out of his head! If not here on earth he will surely rot in hell!!!

  7. he is not a human being hes an animal too

  8. HH The Amir is a lover of nature and animals. I'm sure that our leader in Kuwait would be as appalled as decent citizens like Mariam Al-Kharafi. This type of behavior in our community can NOT be allowed. This type of torture escalates to humans. Children in the community are not safe around someone like this. It infuriates me that people would "like" or follow this person.

  9. Thumbs up Mariam — These kinda ppl should be highly punished..

  10. Thank u Mariam Al-Kharafi! God bless you!

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