A new shopping experience in Kuwait

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When you sit down and talk with Nasser the owner of Shopoxie a Kuwaiti based on-line shopping company and start-up, you feel completely at peace in his presence. An innovator, intellectual, fashion connoisseur and more Nasser Al-Muzeiel is in a league of his own.


Working with international and local brands, Nasser is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur who is now based in Kuwait and is looking to contribute to the country and economic scene. He is creating goals that will lead to a successful and improved start-up scene in the coutry. Nasser is a man of many talents and has achieved a great deal of success as a business man in Kuwait and abroad. Having worked in France, KSA (to name a few), Nasser has developed a sense of leadership that outshines most entrepreneurs that I have met thus far. His charm and sense of humour are to be admired. Once in his presence you are captivated by his drive and willingness to share his advice as he talks about his latest business venture also known as Shopoxie.

“Shopoxie is more than just an online shopping store, there are several other features provided by Shopoxie such as weekly-magazine based on the latest fashion trends, health & fitness and many more. Shopoxie supports talents such as models, authors, designers and photographers allowing them to presume their talents” explains Nasser.

a90881de-6b0d-4f82-81bb-ec6ce509f3e7He continues to explain how Shopoxie got started from a simple idea that was being tossed around in his Diwaniya to a fully registered company today. “It started in the Diwaniya as I came up with this idea and no one really agreed. So, I moved forward alone to getting all the contracts with the brands in and outside of Kuwait. Then I started with a very small amount of money building up the web-site and then in order to achieve success; I had to make concessions that would lead to my goal. I, unfortunately had to sell my car in order to complete my project (1 year of operations before launching the company; 2 years in the making)” as he laughingly shares.7119e427-5498-4866-a4bc-89f8d49b62b7

 “Kuwait has a status as a country that imports everything. This means the export rate is low and the market is still in the infancy stage. The opportunity is there. Shopoxie is a new concept in Kuwait. As of now we export oil and some other goods. Kuwait is known for this. However, a new concept can offer employment, creativity and more to Kuwait. Shopoxie gives local designers a chance to sell globally and improve the economy of Kuwait. Shopoxie helps to put our local designers on the global scene. All participants can contribute by selling their goods through Shopoxie. It generates revenue and employment for Kuwait” as he explains. Nasser knew exactly what his goal was and how he would achieve it and continue to grow as a local entrepreneur with a BIG vision for his country. As a man with a vision, a dream and so much to offer to his country, Nasser will continue to cultivate on the local and international scene with e-commerce as his platform.

As I ended the interview with Nasser, I asked what his favourite quote was. Since he is such a creative person, I could not wait to hear what he would say. And, in the end, it was what I thought.

N.F: What’s your favourite quote Nasser?

  1. Al-M: “Live your day like you’re going to die tomorrow”

By: Natasha E. Feghali

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