76 gays arrested

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The four-member committee of representatives from Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Interior, and Kuwait Municipality continued the raids on massage parlours.

Head of the committee Muhammad Al-Dhufairi said the committee shut down 22 massage parlours in 2017 and deported 76 homosexuals in nationwide campaigns against vice. He added the committee referred women underwear, makeup and sex objects recovered from the parlours to relevant authorities. He noted members of the Moral Guidance Unit were included in the committee to boost its activities.

For his part, Kuwait University Staff Dr Rashed Al-Azmi said people know of many massage parlours that are into moral violations, and called for shutting down of such places. He stressed the importance of activating the role of women police for follow up. He added some massage parlours receive not only women but men acting like women. He also explained that massage is permitted as a form of therapy but it’s prohibited to take off clothing and to touch the bare skin.

Cleric at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ibrahim Banseer also said massage parlours may draw customers to the vice of homosexuality, which is strongly condemned and forbidden. He called on relevant authorities and the media to follow up the issue and notify the public about the dangers of spreading such vice.

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Another cleric from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Dr Rashed Al-Elaimi pointed out that massage could be curative when done by specialists under the supervision of specialist doctors. He stressed that watching the naked body is strongly prohibited if not for serious medical cases that could save the person’s life. Head of Scientific Committee at the Islamic Heritage Revival Society (Sabah Al-Nasser Branch) Dr Muhammad Al-Najdi said massage could be allowed as long as violations are avoided, especially if it’s for therapeutic purpose. He also said massage could be permitted if relevant conditions are observed by covering the body, and with separate places for each gender. He reiterated violation of conditions opens the door for vice. Therefore, relevant authorities must closely follow up massage centers to prevent violations and punish violators.

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