559 Indians died in Kuwait in 2014

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Heart attacks This is the most worrying cause of Indian deaths in Kuwait. There were 237 out of a total 559 deaths or about 42.4%. Heart attacks seem to be higher in males in the private sector vis-vis the domestic sector. The rate of heart attack among females is closer to one third that of males. Heart attack is often attributed to smoking, sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, eating of fatty foods, sleep or rest deprivation, highly stressed working environment and lack of timely access to medical attention etc.

High deaths among Indian nationals in Kuwait are predominantly due to lifestyle problems and harsh working conditions, high degree of physical & mental stresses and lack of medical awareness. In order to create awareness on fatal heart attacks among Indians as well as suicides, traffic accidents and illnesses etc. the Indian Doctors’ Forum, Kuwait conducted a seminar on it in the month of November 2014. The video recording of the seminar is available on the Embassy website for public benefit. Regular check-up of blood pressure and sugar is advised for monitoring these developments right from the beginning. The Indian associations in Kuwait are taking lead in organizing medical camps at frequent intervals for the benefit of the community.

Source : ArabTimes

 A total of 559 Indians died in Kuwait last year, five per cent more than compared to 2013, according to the Indian Embassy in Kuwait. “The total number of deaths of Indian nationals registered with the Embassy during 2014 is 559, registering an increase of about five per cent over the deaths occurred in 2013,” the embassy said in a statement. During last three months (October-December 2014), there were 143 Indian deaths in Kuwait. Mortal remains of 112 Indian nationals were airlifted to India.

“The remaining 31 were buried in Kuwait as per the wishes of their family members. From those sent to India, 89 were transported within 1 – 5 days of reporting the death to the Embassy (4 days being the average time taken for transportation of the mortal remains)”.

Source : ZEE News

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  1. Fast a fall I will kill you ediyat

  2. vary vary vary good with indian peoples thak good thankyou soo much allah kill all hindu

  3. R I P..condolence to d family..

  4. Nizami Naz says:

    U have heart prob or fever, wil get only panadol or antibiotics.. or pray to get a good dr. whenever u visit govt. Hospital or clinic..

  5. Allha Give them Heaven Ameen..

  6. May rest in peace ….condolences to the family..

  7. yeah allah Very Sad to much Problem in kuwait.

  8. I am so sad with those family's

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  10. Siva Yadav says:

    Sooo sad to hear….

  11. Siva Yadav says:

    Sooo sad to hear….

  12. Inna lillahi wa inna elaihiwa rajaoon

  13. Life and death not in our hands
    Just we can pray Allah..
    Allah give us a better life..

  14. Give peace to their souls amen

  15. Give peace to their souls amen

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