2,437 caught for investigation and 1000 arrested in Hawally

March 12, 20164 Comments

In a massive crackdown on residency violators, wanted outlaws and criminals, security officials raided many areas of Hawally on Thursday night and arrested more than 1,000 expatriates.

According to security sources, 2,437 expatriates were detained briefly for verification of their credentials and 1,068 of them were referred to detention centers pending formalities of deportation. The sources added that 2,369 people were released after checking their documents.

The security campaign was led by the Ministry of Interior Assistant Undersecretary or General Security Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali and Hawally Security Director Major General Shehab Al-Shemmari.

The sources explained that detainees to be deported included 68 for violating residency laws, 39 wanted in various criminal cases, 413 for not having civil IDs, 311 marginal laborers, 39 for vice crimes, 18 for possessing drugs, 14 for drinking alcohol, six for robberies, five for illegal entry into Kuwait and 130 for violation of labor laws. In addition, the officials detained 10 vehicles.

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The officers barricaded all major and minor roads leading to streets in Hawally before commencing the operation.

Source : Kuwait Times


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