100th anniversary of Kuwait’s third National Flag

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flagitledKuwait celebrates on Sunday the 100th anniversary of hoisting the first State National Flag.  The old red and white National Flag, marked in the center with the word Kuwait was made during rule of the late Amir, Sheikh Mubarak Al-Kabeer (the Great). The first National Flag was made upon directions of Sheikh Mubarak on December 14, 1914. It continued to exist till November 23, 1961, during era of the late Amir, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, when it was replaced with the new National Flag, with four colors; green, black, white and red. (Source : KUNA)

Kuwait’s Flag Generations

The current flag of Kuwait (Arabic: علم الكويت‎) was adopted on September 7, 1961, and officially hoisted November 24, 1961.kuwaitflagpicture9

Before 1961, the flag of Kuwait, like those of other Persian Gulf states, was red and white with the word “الكويت” in the middle. The present flag is in the Pan-Arab colours, but each colour is also significant in its own right. Black represents the defeat of the enemy, while red is the colour of blood on the Kuwaiti swords. White symbolizes purity, and green is for the fertile land.

Colour Symbolism
Green our lands
White our deeds
Red our swords
Black our battles

The colours’ meaning came from a poem by Safie Al-Deen Al-Hali:

  • White are our deeds
  • Black are our battles
  • Green are our lands
  • Red are our swords

Rules of hanging and flying the flag:

  • Horizontally: The green stripe should be on top.
  • Vertically: The black stripe should be on the left side of the flag.
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