10000 KD fine and imprison of 6 Months for expatriate to use other channels

May 31, 201638 Comments

Sources said any expatriate who will send money to his home country through other channels in order to avoid paying tax will be imprisoned for not more than six months and fined not more than KD 10,000.

It is worth mentioning that the total amount of remittances in the last five years reached almost KD 19 billion which is equal to the budget of the State for one year. The Legislative Affairs Committee in the Parliament will soon endorse the proposal to impose tax on expatriates’ remittances, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting sources.

Confirming that the government and Parliament have expressed support for the bill, sources disclosed the proposal is to impose two percent tax on remittances below KD 100, four percent on remittances ranging from KD 100 to KD 500, and five percent on remittances above KD 500.

Sources said the tax collected through these remittances will go directly to the State’s Treasury. Sources explained that tax will be collected through stamps to be issued by the Ministry of Finance while the money exchange companies and banks accredited by the ministry will be required to submit receipts to guarantee transparency of monitoring and auditing procedures..

Source : Arabtimes

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  2. If this will implement. Let's leave kuwait.

  3. Mr. Kapoor,already we expats are paying insurance money evevy year & for your kind information, most of us are not getting or using this facility. FYI I used this only twice in 13 years, that also for minor cold.

  4. So shad this is not disigen I'm working in the 16hawors but company is giw the kd.140 how cen getting I'm kd.100
    I'm eating bred and creem no mor any thing eating health food any thing froots also now is all expensive food items so sad dishes in govt

  5. Muhammad Humayun sirji i m understanding but the inside matter everybody knows even labour who is getting. 120 kd

  6. Kapoor Sahib they are also getting bread and butter even cream by the help of these people whoes earning starts from kd120. It is the government responsibility to take care of his nation and the expates as well.

  7. Guys please understand people who has 120 kd or 500 kd salary they are not seding money by other channels. Other channel peoples are different. This steps should be need for kuwait to grow up. Support kuwait because we are getting bread and butter even cream from kuwait only. This is prior duty to support.

  8. shame shame
    no no never ever thought like that it's not your image this state has good name (Daulut ul kuwait)

  9. Sydul Haq says:

    It's not a good decision. plz,don't implement this rules. Or implement on those people who are earning above kd500.

  10. This is not good by government of Kuwait,why all pay tax from salaries,dont give more burden on us , you should make rules those who using channels from native country,why comparing our small amount of salaries for that reason,whattta foolish decision

  11. Why always kuwait government make aim for ajnabi people dear q8 government ajnabi here thats y your country is shine if they will back to the own country the kuwaith scare whit own shadow tbats it

  12. you should impose such tax whose salary is 500 or more. But you know that majority has less then KD 120. So you will took out the last drop of blood remaining after kafeel.

  13. Ram Dinesh says:

    We are here to earn money and send home to support our family, leaving them behind and all alone here .. Imposing tax on expatriate by govt is so sad because expats don't earn too much as compared to the salaries of the citizens here.. We work and earn money for it. Cutting those money by govt is like day light robbery. Instead impose tax on all people who earn more than 1000 kd by 1%. Might they won't mind.

  14. It is not good our salary only 80 kd.our of kuwait low .
    After then you are cut tax ………….what is this …this is your low aligable country

    We know we are indian and every indian people when ever going from india it should salary come minimum 30 thousand it's out country rulls

    And your country not floow rull
    We are get only 80 kd it's full wrong

  15. Ejaj Khan says:

    Country depending on tax no problem, but it should be equally justify.

  16. Ed Flores says:

    Should be minimum salary is kd250

  17. RM Naushad says:

    It's a very silly thing.

  18. This is not good because we came hear for working and we are serving to your country without any demands.and we not getting the salaries like Kuwaitis..

  19. With all the fees fines charges put on tye poor expats who make mjnimum salary compated to the kuwaitis i have learnd one true fact here its All the Expat nationalities money that run this country not the citizens of the country unlike the UAE and saudi and qatar where the country wants to run their economy without oil and expats. Kuwait is likely the worst country where expats rights are concerned.

  20. Syed Azam says:

    Really not good tax has to be paid.kuwait Ministry of Finance will take TAXS from poor workers come to kuwait ,to works it's not good.

  21. Syed Azam says:

    Really not good tax has to be paid.kuwait Ministry of Finance will take TAXS from poor workers come to kuwait ,to works it's not good.

  22. Why not increasing salary . you increased rents. Beside that building haris taking k. D 250 as bribe when we take new flats. School fees increased. Food items increased taxi fares increased. Why there is no increment in private firm. There are many ways to make income. Why harrasing us. Private hospital killing us

  23. All our hard earned money….they want to eat…

    Eat to live…..NOT Live to eat others hard earned bread & butter.

  24. Mark Sorex says:

    This is not the proper way to collect money,tax has to be paid by any individual who earns less or more.
    But the best option is to make Kuwait a business hub

  25. put a tax in a multi company not to expat in kuwait

  26. Lee Damme says:

    imposing ur rulese to poor expatriate?get from who r getting salery more then 500 ,1kd its nothing for u but its our drop of our blood b cause below500 salery all r work on hard desert constrection ext not in ac room

  27. This is not our country we came here to earn money & fulfil dreams of our family and v r servent salesman not shopowner

  28. Topper Top says:

    What els is remaining.
    Hike of petrol price. Electricity house rents.
    And now tax insurance even for transfer you need to pay .
    Work hard spend her simple logic .
    Thnx a lot for being so kind with us.
    Still the salaries stand same 🙂

  29. We are working in the hot .and getting less salary. Kindly avoid below 200 kd salary people.not good.its haram

  30. We are working in the hot .and getting less salary. Kindly avoid below 200 kd salary people.

  31. Maddy Khan says:

    Dont mind tax… atleast increase our salary percetage too .. as a request

  32. Sha Sha says:

    Wow why o why?? We work hard to earnd every fils money tax percentage is not a good sound for us..

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