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I am eligible to get family visa as Pakistani but ..

August 15, 20152 Comments

With all due respect, we all follow and understand the policy and law of Kuwait’s Government and the measure steps taken by the country for the security reasons and peace of the country. Continue Reading &raquo

From UK to Kuwait on 1 August

August 15, 20150 Comments

nicholeThe first obvious question about Kuwait for newcomers and those pondering coming here is: just how hot is it? The answer at the moment – in early August – is ‘very’. I’ve been to Australia and that was hot, but not this hot. It’s currently in the mid-40s with around 15% humidity. Continue Reading &raquo

Large amount of Explosive Material found in Abdali , Kuwait

August 14, 20157 Comments

bUntitled Continue Reading &raquo

Give construction workers and cleaners an air-conditioned bus

August 7, 20150 Comments


It’s pitiful to see the state of construction workers,labourers and cleaner in the scorching temperatures during the sizzling Kuwait summer. Continue Reading &raquo

DNA test timetable for all persons living in or visiting Kuwait

August 5, 20150 Comments

Continue Reading &raquo

My 850 words on Kuwait’s Metro Plan , Kuwait

July 23, 20152 Comments

mavicA glimpse on the main thoroughfares of Kuwait especially at it’s peak hours will give you a bird’s eye view of the present traffic issue. Continue Reading &raquo

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