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Give construction workers and cleaners an air-conditioned bus

August 7, 20150 Comments


It’s pitiful to see the state of construction workers,labourers and cleaner in the scorching temperatures during the sizzling Kuwait summer. Continue Reading &raquo

DNA test timetable for all persons living in or visiting Kuwait

August 5, 20150 Comments

Scientist analizing DNA sequence for identity

Ministry will soon prepare a timetable based on which all persons living in or visiting Kuwait will be screened. Continue Reading &raquo

My 850 words on Kuwait’s Metro Plan , Kuwait

July 23, 20152 Comments

mavicA glimpse on the main thoroughfares of Kuwait especially at it’s peak hours will give you a bird’s eye view of the present traffic issue. Continue Reading &raquo

A week in Kuwait

July 17, 201513 Comments

shruthiIt’s almost been a week in this new country Continue Reading &raquo

They call me Hindi…. What do they call you?

July 17, 20156 Comments

EjLqWUknThey call me Hindi….
What do they call you? Continue Reading &raquo

Expat Life in Kuwait: What You Should Know!

July 17, 20155 Comments

Z-5VmXq3Kuwait, the oil-rich Arab country, attracts job seekers from around the globe. Continue Reading &raquo

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