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Condolences to those who lost 132 kids and 9 teachers

December 16, 20149 Comments


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What’s Cooking? at TIES

December 2, 20140 Comments

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Is there a Place for Terrorism in Islam? by Dr. Teresa Lesher

December 2, 20140 Comments

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Network Security and Privacy Protection by Chris White

December 2, 20140 Comments

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The Effects of Food Additives on the Body and Mind by Dr. Kamel Al-Farraj , Kuwait

December 2, 20140 Comments

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Kuwait raises fees, salaries for Filipino schools

November 20, 20144 Comments

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2nd Oral Health Care Program , Kuwait

November 19, 20140 Comments

sem2662867677_n“Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait organized 2nd Oral Health Care Seminar for Students” Continue Reading »

The Roadrush School , Kuwait

November 18, 20140 Comments

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Three zones in one aquarium , Kuwait .

October 10, 20144 Comments

ASC_2814 - Copy

An entertaining journey into the aquarium takes you on a tour of 3 different environments.

Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : @usman_choudhry Continue Reading »

School fees in Kuwait #kuwait #q8

September 14, 20141 Comment

School-Fees-1One of our blogger friend has work out on one amazing subject, The comparison of Kuwait’s school fees between 2013 and 2014. Continue Reading »

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