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Arrested for posting the immoral videos on social media

November 16, 20150

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Tank Drifting by Kuwait’s Crew

August 5, 20150

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Kuwait stops dependent visas for parents of expats

December 27, 20140

Dependent visas are no longer offered to expatriates to bring their parents to the country, said Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality and Iqama Affairs Major General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah. Announcing several new measures with regard to the iqama law for expats, he said the new rules are being executed with a view to balancing the demographic structure in the country, bearing in mind that the number of expat population in Kuwait has reached 2.5 million. Continue Reading &raquo

Check expats security record before they change sponsors

December 27, 20140

Member of Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mohammad Kakoli has asked the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to think over the mechanism of transferring the sponsorship of expatriates from one sponsor to another without referring to their security record or checking with the previous sponsor. Continue Reading &raquo

Video – Kuwaiti officer beaten by 20 men , Kuwait

December 14, 20140

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Plan to cut Electricity for bachelors in family houses , Kuwait

December 9, 20140


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Kuwait is home of 2,433,559 foreign residents

December 8, 20140

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Kuwait rejects India’s bank guarantee measure for recruiting domestic helpers

December 5, 20140

The India government has backed down on a move to implement a KD720 ($2450) bank guarantee for Kuwaiti employers of Indian workers. Kuwait had threatened to ban Indian expatriates moving to the country in response to the guarantee payment, announced in September, during high level diplomatic talks with the Indian ambassador to Kuwait.

Source : ArabianBusiness (04.01.2015)
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Pakistan to get 90% of its gasoil supply from Kuwait

December 5, 20140

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Forget surgical napkin inside womb

December 3, 20140

The comprehensive court yesterday sentenced a private hospital to compensate an expatriate woman with the sum of KD 10,000 for ‘forgetting’ a surgical napkin inside her womb when she underwent a Caesarian surgery to deliver her baby.

Source : KuwaitTimes

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