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200 private schools in Kuwait suspended

November 29, 20150

As per Kuwait Times , The Ministry of Education (MOE) has suspended the files of around 200 Arabic and foreign private schools for violating the rules and regulations set by the ministry, Continue Reading &raquo

Ancient History of Kuwait from 1600 to 2015

November 3, 20150

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Expat Life in Kuwait: What You Should Know!

July 17, 20150

Z-5VmXq3Kuwait, the oil-rich Arab country, attracts job seekers from around the globe. Continue Reading &raquo

23 Memories Every 90’s Kid Growing Up In The Middle East #kuwait #q8 #uae

September 16, 20140

This list of ‘been there-seen that’ will remind you that you are truly from that glorious time – the 90’s. For the ones who missed out, this is your chance to discover what it was like for a 90’s kid growing up in the Middle East!

 Source : www.menzene.com

1. This was a very common sight on TV.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Guy West Continue Reading &raquo

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