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Visit visa extension

May 10, 201611 Comments

Can I extend the family visit visa, currently valid for 1 month, for my mother. And if not, can I transfer her to a tourist visa — valid for 3 months — even though she has already entered Kuwait. Finally what are requirements that I need to fulfill to get a tourist visa for my mother.

Quoted from Arabtimes

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Surprise Checking Lead To Deportation Of 1,444 Expats (Via Arabtimes)

August 3, 20153 Comments

illegals10Public Security Sector officers continued the surprise inspection campaigns in all areas, leading to the deportation of 1,444 expatriates who violated the Residency and Labor laws. Continue Reading &raquo

Kuwait closed 500 Instagram & Twitter accounts

July 3, 20150 Comments

According to Kuwait Times, Kuwait has closed various Twitter and Instagram accounts, around 500 social media’s accounts. The reason of shutting down the account were to violate the terms of conditions out of track of country. Continue Reading &raquo

Extension of residency to be conditional on passport validity

June 30, 20153 Comments

pntitledThe Ministry of Interior plans to make the period of an extended residency of any expat in Kuwait no more than the expiry date of their passports, a senior official said on Wednesday. Continue Reading &raquo

433 arrested and 27 vehicles seized

May 30, 20150 Comments

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3 Days grace period to help the violators (Via Arabtimes)

May 23, 20153 Comments

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Kuwait has frozen the number of expatriates in the country

April 29, 201511 Comments

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Ministry deported 25,000 expats of 10 nationalities

February 18, 20156 Comments

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Expats who have not updated docus will be caught

January 12, 20150 Comments

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Attestation suspended of Bank Guarantee for “Indian Domestic Workers” In Kuwait

January 1, 20156 Comments

The Embassy of India in Kuwait after discussions with the Kuwaiti authorities has agreed to suspend the equivalent of KD 720 bank guarantee which was required from sponsors in Kuwait to bring a female domestic worker from India.

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