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New Conditions for expats for driving license , Kuwait

November 26, 201428 Comments

Amendments to the traffic law on driving licenses for non-Kuwaitis. According to the new amendments, a driving license’s validity will be linked to the validity of holders’ residency visas (iqamas). The new conditions also include age, health fitness, passing driving tests conducted by the traffic department, holding a valid iqama for at least two years prior to application, holding a university degree and receiving a minimum monthly salary of KD 600.

Source : KuwaitTimes

Thanks Jafar abu Haras for sharing

Kuwait labor law offers additional protection to expats (Via KUNA)

November 21, 201461 Comments

Director-General of the public authority of workforce Jamal Al-Dosary on Thursday reaffirmed commitment of the authority to protect expatriate workers under provisions of the labor law No. 6/2010. Continue Reading »

law against bachelors living inside family accommodations in Kuwait

November 13, 201463 Comments

Bachelors in Kuwait may soon be fined for living outside of dedicated residences in a bid to separate them from family communities, local media has reported.
Source : ArabianBusiness Continue Reading »

Indian embassy steps in protect rights of housemaids in Kuwait

November 6, 20146 Comments

As women too begin joining the Punjabi workforce in Kuwait to work as housemaids, the Indian embassy has stepped in to ensure that the recent incidents of women being denied their basic rights are checked. As a step in this direction, prospective sponsors will have to give a bank guarantee of a sum equivalent to US $ 2,500 for employing an Indian woman domestic servant. Continue Reading »

Kuwait, among the best countries to work in Gulf #kuwait #q8 #gulf

July 22, 20144 Comments

bimage_1376BAHRAIN, Kuwait and Oman are the best places to work in the Gulf Continue Reading »

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