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Tag: law

Deportation of Expatriates if found behind rumours

July 5, 20152 Comments

DeportationAccording to the Gulf News which is quoted by Al Jareeda (Kuwait Daily) that if any expat found behind to spread any rumours, Continue Reading &raquo

2 days off for nurses (Via Arabtimes)

June 16, 20151 Comment

Beautiful medical nurses are showing okay with fingers. Continue Reading &raquo

The table of penalties for violating workers , Kuwait ( Article 35 )

May 8, 20151 Comment

lobour_banner Continue Reading &raquo

Accommodation for workers in Kuwait ( Article 34 )

May 8, 20158 Comments


Continue Reading &raquo

100 days Probation period of the worker, Kuwait ( Article 32 )

May 8, 201510 Comments

lobour_banner Continue Reading &raquo

Kuwait has frozen the number of expatriates in the country

April 29, 201511 Comments

ASC_1972 Continue Reading &raquo

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