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Tag: fight

Angry birds (fight) at parking lot, Kuwait

November 13, 20140 Comments

Fight in Kuwait Airport

October 12, 20146 Comments

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Huge Fight in Avenues , Kuwait .

October 8, 201414 Comments

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Fight in Shopping Centre #kuwait #q8

August 31, 20146 Comments

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” Highway of Death ” #road80 #kuwait #iraq #highwayofdeath

August 2, 201429 Comments


The Highway of Death refers to a six-lane highway between Kuwait and Iraq, officially known as Highway 80. It runs from Kuwait City to the border town of Safwan in Iraq and then on to the Iraqi city of Basra. The road had been used by Iraqi armored divisions for the 1990 Invasion of Kuwait. The road was repaired after the Persian Gulf War and used by U.S. and British forces in the initial stages of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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We can forgive but cannot forget #kuwait #iraq #1990

August 1, 20143 Comments

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