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Deportation of Expatriates if found behind rumours

July 5, 20152 Comments

DeportationAccording to the Gulf News which is quoted by Al Jareeda (Kuwait Daily) that if any expat found behind to spread any rumours, Continue Reading &raquo

Extension of residency to be conditional on passport validity

June 30, 20152 Comments

pntitledThe Ministry of Interior plans to make the period of an extended residency of any expat in Kuwait no more than the expiry date of their passports, a senior official said on Wednesday. Continue Reading &raquo

Top 10 Nationalities in Kuwait , comprising the country’s workforce

June 23, 20156 Comments

topnd Continue Reading &raquo

Increase of 15 percent in fees for medical examinations of expats (Proposal)

June 22, 20151 Comment

medical-school-tuition Continue Reading &raquo

Health charges on expats who arrive in Kuwait on visit visas (Via Arabtimes)

June 22, 20150 Comments

hotpital07b49 Continue Reading &raquo

Medical test on renewal of the residence permits , Kuwait (Via Arabtimes)

June 17, 20151 Comment

test-tube_medium Continue Reading &raquo

Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos on top

June 12, 20152 Comments

kuwait_dinars Continue Reading &raquo

New Labor Regulations are Now Put into Practice

May 26, 20159 Comments

kuwait-tower-city Continue Reading &raquo

Kuwait deports 78 expats

May 24, 20158 Comments


Continue Reading &raquo

3 Days grace period to help the violators (Via Arabtimes)

May 23, 20153 Comments

maxresdefault Continue Reading &raquo

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