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Visa validity conditional to passport’s

December 18, 201411 Comments

The validity of expatriates’ visas in Kuwait is conditional to the validity of their passports, Acting Director General of Residency Affairs Department at the Interior Ministry Maj Gen Talal Maarafi said. This means that in case the passport expires, the visa will be considered expired by law. Continue Reading »

I was just a ATM Machine

December 15, 201414 Comments

helpless_500 Continue Reading »

‘No Visa Ban On India Labour’ Kuwait

December 15, 201413 Comments

Ambassador to Kuwait Sunil Jain has denied reports Continue Reading »

Kuwait comes last in list of best countries for expats to live

December 9, 201439 Comments


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Four heroes of Abbasiya , Kuwait

December 8, 201468 Comments

4med Continue Reading »

Kuwait is home of 2,433,559 foreign residents

December 8, 20145 Comments

world_flags_gif Continue Reading »

New Stipulation For Expats , Kuwait

November 30, 20143 Comments

Driving will not be permitted as a ‘profession’ for an expatriate laborer unless a license has been issued by the concerned authorities in his home country Continue Reading »

60% of new born in Kuwait are foreigners #kuwait #q8

September 4, 20143 Comments


The next three highest – Qatar (74%), Kuwait (60%) and Bahrain (55%) – Continue Reading »

Indians are top expats in Kuwait then Egyptians and Bangladeshi #kuwait #q8

July 9, 20140 Comments

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