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Cancel the Expats Residency at age of 55

October 27, 20160 Comments

Stressing the previous Parliament presented two bills in this regarded but one was rejected by the Legislative Committee “because they refused to specify the period of stay for expatriates engaged in menial jobs as one way of reducing the expatriate population.”

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Deported maids are able to come back

October 14, 20160 Comments

The Interior Ministry has deported 900 female domestic workers this year until date without being fingerprinted, reports Al-Anba daily.

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Raising service fees for expatriates

September 8, 20160 Comments

A number of MPs have suggested raising service fees for expatriates to deal with the budget deficit caused by the falling global oil prices, reports Al-Rai daily.

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Raid in coffee shop in Hawally

July 29, 20161 Comment

The Quadripartite Committee, which is affiliated to the Council of Ministers, launched an intensive inspection campaign on Wednesday targeting coffee shops in Hawally.

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Fees for health services for foreigners

July 28, 20160 Comments

MP Khalil Saleh said the government has approved his proposal to impose fees for health services provided to foreigners who entered Kuwait on visit visa.

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Expats medical tests

July 26, 20160 Comments

The ministries of Health and Interior have coordinated their efforts to regulate procedures for the medical examination of all expatriate workers who enter Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily quoting high-level sources.

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Legal health papers to illegal expats

July 1, 20161 Comment

A new portal has been opened for visa traders to flood the local labor market with manpower illegally as the Kuwait Municipality noticed the issuance of thousands of health certificates to domestic workers, some of whom are absconders, criminals and Residency Law violators but the Municipality cannot do anything about the issue, reports Al-Rai daily.

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800 Expatriates Arrested

June 18, 20161 Comment

During a security crackdown in all the governorates of Kuwait police have arrested 800 residence and labor laws violators, reports Al-Rai daily.

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Suspension hiring of foreigners in the government on contractual basis

June 18, 20162 Comments

The Civil Service Board, led by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and acting Minister of Oil Anas Al-Saleh, has suspended the employment of foreigners in the government on contractual basis regardless of their nationality, reports Al- Rai daily.

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Court sentenced two expatriate sisters to jail of two years with hard labor

June 12, 20161 Comment

The Court of Appeals has overturned the verdict issued by a lower court which sentenced two expatriate sisters to jail term of two years and four months with hard labor for forgery related cases.

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