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Video – Las Vegas under attack

October 3, 20170

Officials in Las Vegas are providing an update at a press conference now. The official death toll is now at 59, and police say 527 people have been injured.

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Video – Fisherman attacked by three men

February 3, 20160

Fisherman attacked by three men but so far it is not confirmed whether it was happened in Kuwaiti territorial water or outside.

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Doctor and nurse attacked in Kuwait hospital

August 21, 20150

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World’s News Agencies are talking about Kuwait Unity after Mosque’s Incident

July 3, 20150

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Bomb Blast in Kuwait City

June 26, 20150

Update : Seven sentenced to death over Kuwaiti mosque bombing-news agency

Seven defendants were sentenced to death on Tuesday for the Islamist militant suicide bombing of a mosque in June in Kuwait that killed 27 people, the Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reported.

Eight other suspects were given prison sentences ranging from two to 15 years by a Kuwaiti criminal court, KUNA reported. Fourteen other defendants were acquitted.

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Yemen Conflict

March 27, 20150

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Condolences to those who lost 132 kids and 9 teachers

December 16, 20140


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Video – Lion killed a Filipino Maid in Kuwait

December 12, 20140

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Women of the Resistance – Kuwait Iraq War World News Tonight report March 7, 1991

November 15, 20140

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