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Kuwaiti woman forgot snake in bag in taxi

January 12, 20170 Comments

A Kuwaiti woman reportedly forgot a 2-meter long snake inside a taxi before she boarded a flight to Kuwait from the Cairo International Airport, reports Al-Rai daily.

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Ban on expats entry into the airport

November 18, 20160 Comments

Airport Security Department of Kuwait International Airport headed by its new director Brigadier Waleed Al-Saleh has decided to ban expatriates entry into the airport for bidding farewell to their traveling relatives and friends.

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No Salaries for two months

July 1, 201615 Comments

Some cleaning company workers at the Kuwait International Airport organized a sit-in from 8:00 pm onwards and refused to work because they have not been paid their salaries for the past two months, reports Al-Rai daily.

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New steps taken to end chaos at Kuwait airport

June 23, 20160 Comments

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) declared on Wednesday new measures would be executed this week to revamp work and services at Kuwait International Airport.

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Person arrested at the airport with 50 snakes

June 12, 20164 Comments

Person arrested at the airport with 50 snakes

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Video : A Restaurant in Kuwait Airport caught fire

January 19, 20160 Comments

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New X-Ray Machine Traps Asian Carrying Drugs at Kuwait Airport

September 24, 20151 Comment

Screenshot-11Following the installation of the Soter body scanner device at the Kuwait International Airport,
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Heavy Congestion at Kuwait Airport – 122,259 Passengers

September 5, 20150 Comments

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Woman with ‘honey marijuana’ in Kuwait

September 4, 20150 Comments


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It is not about 500 fils

June 30, 201519 Comments

Few weeks ago,
I had read an article trending on social media regarding the trolley mafia in Kuwait Airport.  It’s not about 500/-fils, it’s about cheating, but the truth is something else, there is no Trolley Mafia there. Continue Reading &raquo

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