Summer Camp : Fuel Your Kids , Kuwait @sirdab_lab

June 14, 20150


This summer, fuel your kids’ entrepreneurial spirit by enrolling them in our Kidpreneurs Summer Camp!

Week 1 (June 21 – 25): Your kid(s) will explore their creativity through arts and crafts activities, where they’ll create pieces they can sell in their mini-business (or keep at home)

Week 2 (June 28-July 2): Your kid(s) will learn business basics, and how to sell online. If they joined us for the first week then they’ll get a chance to sell the masterpieces they created.

Week 3 (July 5-9): Minecraft is a game that’s praised for unleashing the creativity of kids and grown ups alike. The last week will help your kid(s) get started creating their own virtual world (and maybe fight zombies, too). Kids can join for one week or more.

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