Selling Malawian women for sex in Kuwait

May 5, 20160

MP Saud Aharija has forwarded questions to Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid on the alleged network that ‘sells’ Malawian women in Kuwait for sex activities.

He cited a report published by Al-Rai daily on April 24, 2016 stating that a network is selling Malawian women for sex in Kuwait. The network consists of a Congolese, a Burundi doctor and two Malawians communicating with an agent in Kuwait.

The report revealed that the network is trafficking Malawian women to Kuwait where they are detained and forced to engage in sexual acts, he added. In light of the report, the lawmaker wants to know if the Interior Ministry has started investigations, if the agent in Kuwait has been identified and if there is correspondence with the governments of Kuwait and Malawi on the issue.

He also asked about the number of Malawians who entered Kuwait in the last five years, ways of entry to Kuwait, list of companies which hired Malawian women in the last five years, nature of their work, names of Kuwaitis who recruited Malawian housemaids in the last five years, and number of human trafficking and sex trade cases in the last five years.

Source :  Arabtimes

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