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  1. 500,000 Expats may go – Fees, Taxes … Private Sector Expat Cuts Eyed
  2. MP Safa’a Al-Hashem wants term limits on expats
  3. Gorgeous thief woman arrested
  4. Ministry increases expats fees for Medical
  5. Young man and a girl arrested for dogging at side of a vehicle
  6. New rule, ‘Marginal professions’ not eligible for dependent Visa.
  7. 10 people a day die in Kuwait’s hospitals
  8. Travel ban, Traffic violations, Residence fines to be collected from police stations
  9. Kuwaiti stabs a policeman
  10. Worker steals Kuwaiti sponsor’s KD 600,000
  11. Kuwaiti woman wooed for sex
  12. Indian Embassy warns its citizens
  13. ‘Ice Breakers’ gum banned in Kuwait
  14. 56,000 work permits of expats cancelled
  15. 48 hours jail for speeding motorists
  16. Alert : Temperature in Kuwait to hit 50 degrees today
  17. 7 men in ladies dress, arrested in salmiya
  18. Who’s child is this?
  19. Closure of 300 travel offices in Kuwait is expected
  20. 106 Visas in 150,000 KD
  21. Correcting ID info made easier
  22. Female bank manager jailed with KWD 900000 fine
  23. Death sentence against Indian
  24. Now accreditation of certificates must for residence stamping
  25. Filipina slits her wrist
  26. Recruitment for Expats stopped
  27. 146 Expats deported from Kuwait
  28. Kuwaiti citizenship and passport on sale for KD 100
  29. Female Doctor arrested in Kuwait
  30. Working hours in evening during June, July and August
  31. Health insurance payment to be accepted online only
  32. Plan to apply for ‘gay’ rights
  33. Why to buy HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G)
  34. Residence permits of 102,000 expats cancelled over 4 years
  35. 14,148 visas, work permits granted by PAM in Kuwait
  36. Bid to rape 10yr old boy in Salmiya
  37. Expats have to give exams to change the residence
  38. I cannot enjoy married life without hashish
  39. Over 100 traffic officers punished in Kuwait
  40. 20,000 expats lose jobs

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