No more expats of +50 age in Ministries in Kuwait

February 2, 20160

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) issued a circular to all ministries and other governmental bodies to submit on March 1, 2016 the list of expatriate workers with their ages and to end the service of those who have reached the age of 50, reports Al- Nahar daily quoting sources.

Sources clarified the above mentioned date was set in view of the budget for the coming fiscal year, during which a number of remarkable changes are expected due to the decision to limit expenditures and stop the wastage of public funds.

Sources affirmed the decision to end the services of expatriates who reached the age of 50 will be compulsory for all governmental bodies and ministries. Sources said the Ministers Council will be informed in case a ministry or governmental body does not implement the decision, which is in accordance with the general policy of the State.

Source : Arabtimes


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