Locally transferred from Article 20 to Article 18

June 26, 2016

I have been working with an organization as an engineer for the past 1.7 years. I locally transferred from Article 20 to Article 18 (i.e., Khadim to Shoon) on August 2014 on salary of KD 200.

From that day onward, till now, I have not received any other benefits like salary increment, annual leave salary etc. So I would like to transfer my residence to other company, because they are offering a good package with benefits.

Now my questions are:

1. Can I transfer my residence before completing 3 years (because my company says I can’t transfer before years as I locally transferred from Article 20 to 18) to the new company?

2. I have an attested engineer’s degree certificate which includes attestation by the various Indian and Kuwait authorities … can be these helpful in my transfer

3. How can I get my benefits from my company if I get transferred?

Please help me to get out of this bad situation.

Name withheld

Answer: Well, your employer is right and you can’t be transferred to another company — according to the latest decision on the issue — until you have completed three years with your current employer.

This is true for all expatriates who have transferred from a domestic residence (Article 20) to a work permit (Article 18).

Such transfers consider the employee as if he has been hired from abroad, regardless of any university degrees he may be holding. In view of the above it is meaningless to answer the rest of your questions.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. Tigist girma says:

    I’m from Ethiopia visa is 20 I want to transfer to 18 but it’s not open I’m three years ago waiting please when it will be open

  2. Jham Airah says:

    Hi i just wanna ask everyone here…

    I am a housekeeper my visa is ovbiously 20visa…my iqama and visa will expire nextweek july 7.. i want to ask release paper to my employer so i can work outside…is there any possiblllity that i will be a TNT?

  3. Pls I need help ..how to transfer 20 to 18 and what I do..pls answer tnx god bless all

  4. Hello pls kabayan ano gawin KO 20 ako tapos ako next mouth gusto KO mag transfer ng 18 pls advice me

  5. Hi sis tourist visa din ako ng mag apply me sb ng employer nd daw transferable Ang tourist visa Kung my mag visa sau n employer exit s pinas

  6. I'm visa 20 I'm working salon 1 year and 6 month it is true need cadam work 1 year before the emplyer transfer to visa 18 now I'm 1 year and 6 months but my employer did not change can I transfer to another emplyer coz I have another offer for me have a benifits it's no problem.

  7. It's it true that I need to pay my sponsor the sum of 300kd with or with out completing 3yrs with in his shop before transferring to another company?Im working in his shop for more than 4 yrs,my sponsor told this is the new law?is it true..?

  8. Admin pls inform about until what month will be finish that kaanoon?

  9. I just want to know f possible to transfer the tourist visa to 18 visa? Do they need to exit in Bahrain or Dubai ? Pls advice thanks a lot

  10. Hello' I'm holding 20 visa for 10yrs here in Kuwait, in 1 ka fiel!my question is, if my Boss transfer to 18 visa Can I Drive a car here in Kuwait??? Thanks

  11. Hai sar before im 20 visa, 21 months back im cheng 20 to 18 visa,(24 sep 2014 to 23 sep2015)one year finish,ofter my kuwaiti mek 3 months (14)no safar residency,now still 6 months(garama)fine,now my kuwaiti say im close the company give the release,shell can i chenge my residency transfer it's possble other company or no.. can u give me ur's valuable suggetion pls……sar.

  12. Srinu Gudu says:

    I Am 2years finesh my hive license .my civil 18.but i am now fines contracting. I am going to india.i want to new jub.

  13. Chose that company who will agree to make 20 to 18 we haveso many company they can make eszy 20 to 18 dear

  14. im visa 20 im working b4 as housemaid then my madam gve me release with the money now im working in saloon for 1 yrs and 7 months but still visa 20 so if my 2yrs contract is finish if can i search another job my kapil she can take again money who want to mke me new visa….tnx

  15. im 20 visa but my copiel want to transfer my visa in other copiel…they just waiting for cannon 18-20 visa….can they trasfer my visa 20-to 18 visa in my new copiel?

  16. i am working in autocad draftsman in KBT Tower in artical 20 still one year…i have Diploma Civil Engineer With Autocad 3D Attached certificates from india….But The current company didn't take any action about my visa to change artical 18…….please if have any one to help…..i have too low slaray 230kd to present to this job……i am helpess now…98955689…thank you

  17. Now it possible.even not yet 3 years . me also same situation. I was 20 visa b4. 2013 November my companies change to 18 then last march I change to another compani.
    If the old sponser is ready to give release same time new new sponsor or u is willing to pay 300 kd!!!
    It possible. Cos the is new loaw.
    I paid 300 kd in juwasath.
    I can't write hear every thing. Call me if some want mor datail. 95585451

  18. What about ghanim visa (Mazra18) is that is transferred, please give me the correct information.

  19. I have been working with a company for 2 years and 6 months and will be completing my 3 years in Dec 2016 so can i transfer my visa to another company

  20. Raj Yadav says:

    I am working at coffee shop as a cashier at least 2 years maximum so I want transfer my residence to 18 so someone can me help because my boss are not giving me transferred and not doing anything else

  21. If any individual who wants to change his visa to another company before completing three years. What does the latest decision say..

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