Video – Indian workers arrested in Kuwait for murder send SOS to Modi govt #kuwait #q8 #india

August 29, 20140

mea-1_350_082914112634Hundreds of Indian workers in Kuwait have sent out an appeal to the government to secure the release of their 25 colleagues who have been arrested on murder charges.

Source : India Today

A video they sent out shows them asking the Indian embassy and the Indian and the Punjab governments to provide legal representation and secure the release of the 25 labourers.

The men were allegedly involved in a massive fight with some Egyptian workers. The tussle and stone-pelting led to the death of two Egyptians. The Indians were subsequently arrested. It is not clear where the incident took place. The fight was caught on a mobile camera.


Update – 02.09.2014 via ArabtimesOnline

Unidentified worker reportedly told The Tribute of India over the phone that the brawl happened when the Egyptians refused to allow the Indian worker to occupy a vacant seat on the bus.

At this point, the Egyptians who seemed well prepared started beating two Indians on the bus and when the bus reached the residential camp, both sides attacked each other with whatever they could lay their hands on.

Earlier it was reported the Ahmadi securitymen had arrested 14 Egyptians and 11 Indians who were engaged in a fistfight at the Camels Market in Kabad, resulting in the death of one Egyptian and injuries to several others.

The injuries included fractures and stab wounds and they were being treated at the Jahra, Sabah and Farwaniya hospitals. All those arrested were referred to the concerned security department for interrogation and other necessary legal action.

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