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April 11, 20160

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Within the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to reduce crime and impose the prestige of the law and to deter squatters and complement the security blows successive security men on the dens of crime and the hotbeds of vice The departments of the security of the provinces of Farwaniya and Jahra crackdowns on the scope of the two provinces TBT seized 94 people and freeing 117 traffic violation and set the number of 370 champions of liquor Network to practice immorality is made up of two men and three women engaged in acts contrary to literature.

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General Administration of relations and security media have confirmed that the security of Farwaniya Directorate, led by Director General Brig favor Anzi and the Directorate of Al-Jahra Security, led by Assistant Director General Security Directorate Brigadier General Abdullah al-Ajmi had carried out raids resulted in the seizure of four sellers of wines and 370 champion and Ski, two men and three women were in breach of conditions practicing immorality and adjusting wanted pending criminal cases and the number two debit and other drugs were also seized 22 contrary to the law of residence and work, and three people finished residence permits and the number of sugar with 1 has been edited 117 traffic violation and booked 17 vehicles.

She explained that such campaigns were a continuation of the security and inspection efforts snap on all the country’s provinces to eliminate all negative aspects and the reduction and prevention of crimes and ensure security and safety of citizens and residents also aimed at eliminating the dens of vice and outposts criminal stressing punish security sweeps in the future hope of all citizens and residents need to cooperate with for their own safety and security of the security men.

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