Driving license – Changed from Drivers Visa to Distributor

April 20, 201630 Comments

Question : I got my driving license in January 2015 and I came to the country on a driver’s visa. After some time I got a job in a multinational company. They changed my job status on my residence to “distributor”. My license will expire in 2 months.

My question is this: Can I renew my license?

Name withheld

Answer: No, you will not be able to renew your driving license. The reason is simple. About two years ago, the Ministry of Interior issued a decision that expatriates who obtained driving licenses when their job status on their work permits was “driver” would have their licenses cancelled or would not be able to renew them if their status on the work permits changed. “Drivers” was one of the four categories which came under the hammer.

The others being students, housewives and mandoubs (company representatives). So, if expatriates from any of these four categories has obtained a driving license because these categories were mentioned on their work permits, they stand to lose their licenses once these categories are changed.

Quoted from Arabtimes

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  2. Got to your embassy and see what you need to do .

  3. My husband having since 3 yrs licence. Renewed last 2 yrs this time they took his licence. Lost his job who will look after his family? ?kuwait law or kuwait..The reason for the license is CHANGING OF HIS DESIGNATION. .

  4. Ibrahim Elsayed , yep.. ur also shall get ur driving lisence renewed because as an accountant u got it beore the date we have mentioned.

  5. Mohammed Fayaz

    That really depends on if you have your own personal car or if you want to pay for expensive taxi service . The choice is yours but as always be careful


  6. Glenn Washington II

    Lol that a simple question to answer !!! People that drive in kuwait are just plain dumb . There is no such type of test while getting you drivers licence and just a DNA sample . That's why they do what they do .

  7. Mohammed Fayaz why you wait two years?!
    You can get it any time you wait

  8. Kuwait Talk maybe you can explain some things I've observerd while driving in Kuwait the last 5 years.
    1. Why do people here drive in the far Left lane, just to cross over 3 lanes to exit on the right lane?
    2. Why drive with your lights off then speed up and behind a vehicle and ride their bumper flashing your lights to make them move? If your lights were on, the driver might have been able to see you before you were right behind them.

  9. I had been work 4 years with alghanim specilitise company . Before 03 month i give my resignation letter for the final exit .but now company tell me i have to work more 3 month .but my civil id was finished on12/05/16.i do not like anymore work in this company .what i have to do.

  10. sir I m syed babul sossain. I have kuwait& Qatar driving license.

  11. I got my driving license in 2009 and I came to the country on a accountant’s visa. After some time I got a job and They changed my job status on my residence to financial controller, cani renew my license??.

  12. Tadeh Megerdichian are you sure??? because inspite of having an old lisence but it was issued because i was a student and i heard before news about cancelling the students' lisence after finishing their studies

  13. Niv Toledo Alirama but i issued it as astudent and i'm afraid that it will be cancelled because i'm not a student any more

  14. hi brother ,
    i am mohammed fayaj i have engineering visa 18 my salary is 300 i complete 2 years in kuwait shall i take driving licence

  15. Henna Henna no ur in the safe side

  16. Henna Henna no ur in the safe side

  17. Henna Henna no ur in the safe side

  18. Henna Henna , dont worry about the new law. You can still renew your drivers license when it expires. Like me ive just renewed my license last week. I obtained this license at year 2006.

  19. Joyson Cherian thank you 🙂

  20. Henna Henna , i have no idea on it. need to check with a student who have gone through this process!

  21. Moh Amin says:

    You can do renew only take paper of your kafil

  22. Moh Amin says:

    You can do renew only take paper of your kafil

  23. even students? i have a driving lisence on 2007, will they cancel my lisence when i renew it?

  24. Here, no one have specified the time frame from which the rule come in to play. Those drivers who have attained the driving lisence on 31st march 2013 or before are excluded from this rule. In other words, those driveres who have possed lisence after 31st march 2013 will be affected by this new rule.

  25. Sir I am a 18 visa. I'm pilipino can I have ah drivers license.

  26. now finished 5 year in my company my visa 18 i want to release from company but our company not give release so any suggestions for change company

  27. I need original license copy when posisbal

  28. What about in the case of engineer visa ???

  29. to all the people of Kuwait that obtain a drivers license , including expats ! It would be wise to learn how to drive and have more responsibility . In safety and the respect of every pedestrian. If people would take more responsibility in there driving laws like this wouldn't be changed. And everyone would be happy .

    Think about it

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