The shape of any society becomes from the reflection of the artistic yardsticks of the poets

November 22, 20170

The shape of any society becomes from the reflection of the artistic yardsticks of the poets, wordsmiths and litterateurs.

Kashif Kamal
Poet / Writer

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Labor rights in Kuwait

July 22, 20170

Migrant workers’ labor rights booklet launched.

“Ignorantia legis non excusat”, a famous Latin maxim which means  ignorance of the law excuses no one. As a foreign worker in Kuwait, I believe that it is imperative to know my rights under the Labor Laws of this country.

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Croatian engineering and innovation company

February 21, 20170

Croatian engineering and innovation company Reaktor signed joint venture with Kuwaiti technology provider AEA Manufacture

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The Women’s Mentor Forum Article #2

December 6, 20160

It is a wonderful union of women helping each other achieve their dreams. It is a place where women can gather and share amongst each other their struggles and path to leadership.

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Nejoud and her words

November 26, 20160

It was an instant connection between two writers and two creative thinkers. Nejoud Al Yagout is one very, very talented women and is a shining light in her field. Not only a poet but also a women of excellence who works tirelessly to promote the arts and other emerging artists. It was my absolute pleasure to be in her presence!

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A new start-up in; KUWAIT REPUBLIC

November 9, 20160

KUWAIT REPUBLIC. An on-line apparel  boutique for Kuwait. Designs are created in Kuwait. Shop with us @kuwaitrepublic, by email at [email protected] or via phone/text at #65087644. Don’t forget to hashtag us at #kuwaitrepublic

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To eat or not to eat

October 4, 20160

                A beautiful woman with a calm and nurturing presence met me for a coffee and a quick meeting about her business in Kuwait.

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Bake and Educate Kuwait

September 25, 20160

Noor AlObaid is a young Kuwaiti with so much to offer her country; it is amazing! She is like no other young woman I have met in Kuwait.

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Its time for a change. ABOLISH 153!

August 6, 20160

Its time for a change. ABOLISH 153 vb

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Wanna take a ride? …..The SeaBike has arrived in Kuwait!

June 11, 20160

Need to get from one side of the Gulf to another but can’t find a bridge nearby? No problem!

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