Bomb Blast in Kuwait City

June 26, 2015124 Comments

Update : Seven sentenced to death over Kuwaiti mosque bombing-news agency

Seven defendants were sentenced to death on Tuesday for the Islamist militant suicide bombing of a mosque in June in Kuwait that killed 27 people, the Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reported.

Eight other suspects were given prison sentences ranging from two to 15 years by a Kuwaiti criminal court, KUNA reported. Fourteen other defendants were acquitted.

Update : Kuwait charged 29 people Tuesday over the suicide bombing of a Shiite mosque last month, claimed by the Islamic State group, that killed 26 people and wounded more than 200. The attack, carried out by a Saudi, was the worst in Kuwait’s history.

Those charged included seven Kuwaitis, five Saudis, three Pakistanis, 13 stateless people known as bedouns, and another person at large, the prosecution said, cited by the official KUNA news agency. Out of them, 24 are detained in Kuwait and the remaining five will be tried in absentia.

Source : ArabTimes

World’s News Agencies are talking about Kuwait Unity after Mosque’s Incident

Found on the vehicle used in the attack on the mosque Imam Sadiq and adjust its owner accident
The Ministry of the Interior for managed security services concerned to find a vehicle that exploited the terrorist who blew himself up in a flagrant assault on the mosque Imam Sadiq area Sawaber afternoon accident on Friday, a Japanese-made vehicle.

Also was arrested on the vehicle which exploited the terrorist to the scene and the driver, who fled after a bombing owner directly. Security devices and still continue its efforts to uncover the circumstances of this case. (Translated by Google translator)

العثور على المركبة التي أستخدمت في حادث الإعتداء على جامع الامام الصادق وضبط مالكها

تعلن وزارة الداخلية عن تمكن أجهزة الأمن المعنية من العثور علي المركبة التي استغلها الارهابي والذي فجر نفسة في حادث الإعتداء الآثم على جامع الامام الصادق بمنطقة الصوابر ظهر يوم امس الجمعة وهي مركبة صالون يابانية الصنع .

كما تم إلقاء القبض على مالك المركبة التي استغلها الارهابي إلى مكان الحادث والذي فر بها سائقها عقب وقوع التفجير مباشرة. ولا تزال أجهزة ألامن تواصل جهودها لكشف ملابسات هذه القضية. •

Issued by MOI

A suicide bomber has targeted a Shia mosque around the time of Friday prayers in the Kuwaiti capital, security officials and witnesses say. The scale of the attack is not yet known, though a number of fatalities has been reported. The blast hit the Imam Sadiq Mosque in al-Sawaber – a busy area to the east of Kuwait City. Attacks of this kind are extremely rare in Kuwait. No group has yet said it was behind the blast.  A security official and witnesses said a suicide bomber had carried out the attack. According to Qatari Al-Jazeera TV, at least eight people were killed. Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida said another eight people were wounded. A Kuwaiti MP, who saw the attack, said the mosque was packed with some 2,000 people when there was a loud explosion, Reuters news agency reported. Footage posted online said to be from the scene of the attack showed men, some in blood-splattered clothing, walking around a smoke-filled room with rubble on the floor.

Source : CNN

Kuwait Mark History


Daesh claims attack

A Daesh terror group branch that refers to itself as the “Islamic State in the Province of Najd” (central Saudi Arabia) claimed responsibility for the attack on the mosque. Najd Province claimed similar bombings at Shiite mosques in Saudi Arabia in recent weeks.

Attack condemned

The UAE has strongly condemned the mosque attack in Kuwait. Bahraini foreign minister Shaikh Khaled Bin Ahmad also condemned the attack, saying on Twitter that it “is not sectarianism, but a war on Islam and a calculated [attempt at sowing] discord [among Muslims]”.

“The presence of [separate] mosques for Shiites and Sunnis is the bigger innovation. This is sectarianism par excellence,” he tweeted.

Prominent Salafist figure and former member of parliament Walid Tabtabai offered his condolences on Twitter but said that he suspected that Iran was behind the attack. “The attack was the work of the people behind the Al Anood and Al Qadeeh (Shiite mosques in Saudi Arabia), and this party has been infiltrated by Iranian intelligence to create sectarian discord.”


Kuwaiti Shiites make up around one-third of the country’s native population of 1.3 million people. The interior ministry said it launched a full investigation into the incident. Three weeks ago, the ministry said it has raised the level of security around mosques following the bombings in neighbouring Saudi Arabia. The bombing was strongly condemned by political groups, organisations and lawmakers. The mainstream Sunni group, the Islamic Constitutional Movement condemned what it called “the low criminal attack targeting the (Shiite) mosque.”

Kuwait’s leading Sunni cleric, Sheikh Ajeel al-Nashmi, said on Twitter that the bombing is a “criminal act aimed at sowing seeds of discord, and undoubtedly Shiites and Sunnis will foil the terrorists’ plot.” Independent MP Sultan Al-Shemmari called on the government to “hit with an iron fist” against the “terrorists.” In the past few weeks, Kuwaiti courts have tried a number of people on charges of being Daesh members and sentenced at least one of them to several years in jail.

Emir visits mosque

Kuwait’s emir, Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, immediately visited the site, and footage on state-run Kuwait Television showed him visibly moved by the scenes of carnage. The television showed footage of massive destruction caused by the blast, and people posted online horrific pictures of the dead and wounded. The Kuwaiti cabinet went into an emergency meeting to discuss the incident, as the interior ministry raised the level of alert and mobilised all security forces.

Source : Gulf News

blood98204805_nThousands of Blood Donors around Blood Bank in Jabriya for the patients due to today”s Mosque’s incident.





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  1. I want all Arab people in kuwait will die???

  2. Ayat Desta says:

    Omg im very sad to all

  3. religion is just excuse here! its all politics going on!

  4. now increases to 25 and 200+ injured

  5. inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji'un

  6. Exactly 27 dies. .including my employer brother in law very sad ..RIP IN PEACE…INA LILLAHI WAINA ILLAHI RAJINON…

  7. God will cursed who did this…we must pray our muslim brothers who suffered injured and dead

  8. RIP rest in peace.. my condolences to all the families left behind.. be strong Allah will be our strenght. Take care :-*

  9. Ya Allah
    Ya allah
    Ya allah

  10. Behind sawaber kuwaitcity

  11. May Allah save all human being of such kind of death
    I really feel very sad about this news
    I m not a kuwaity but our families depends upon this country
    I will pray always for the well secure and well safe kuwait always
    May Kuwait b a safe country inshallah
    We love you kuwait
    We will stay always shoulder by shoulder with the security of Kuwait
    We r here to defend this country whenever you need

  12. You are fooled. Don!'t watch..

  13. Inalelahe we ena elahe rajeon

  14. ya allah save the kuwait

  15. So sad that these atrocities are perpetrated in the name of religion…. why can't people be more tolerant and realise they can't impose their religious sect on other people , after all this is Muslim against Muslim… 40+years ago it was Protestant against Catholic in Ireland…. nobody wins as now it will be a blood feud …. No religion ever preaches wanton blood shed

  16. I pray for peace in my beloved second home. May the souls of those lost rest in paradise in eternal peace.

  17. لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم
    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  18. O my god. … Please save kuwait. …

  19. Linda Sham says:

    don't watch this it is a redirect to something else
    come on people

  20. very sad day for all muslims today i condom how ballast suicide in mosque and killed innocent people they are havan they went to kill only muslims every were may Allah protect all muslims

  21. May you all rest in Peace! My heart goes out to the victims and family and friends! This is to start trouble between the Shia and Sunni's, don't let Daesh do this to Kuwait, this is a time for both Shia and Sunni's to band together and don't let the EVIL win!!!

  22. LE Gee says:

    so sad… God will give them justice.

  23. Its sad to hear ..Peace in Kuwait.

  24. Its sad to hear ..Peace in Kuwait.

  25. Gie EN says:

    This is very sad..

  26. peace of Kuwait amen………

  27. O God save the kuwait

  28. ohhh..allah……why people do like thiz not scared for the revenge of allah in there individual..

  29. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

  30. oh allah please save kuwait from terrorism

  31. Inna lillahi va inna ilaihi rajioon. Ya Allah give the greatest place in jannan for our muslim ummah Ameen

  32. Which religion says to kill innocent public?WHY all this?
    May god Bless them all,I sincerely Pray for the soul rest in peace.

  33. Which religion says to kill innocent public?WHY all this?
    May god Bless them all,I sincerely Pray for the soul rest in peace.

  34. Which religion says to kill innocent public?WHY all this?
    May god Bless them all,I sincerely Pray for the soul rest in peace.

  35. God save them show ur mercy upon every person

  36. Inna lillahi wainah ilayhi rajioon

  37. Inna lillahi wainah ilayhi rajioon

  38. Inna lillahi wainah ilayhi rajioon

  39. Inna lillahi wainah ilayhi rajioon

  40. Very sad.allha help them….

  41. They want blaze fire in whole should not given a side of Shia Sunna issue.Some power want to give air in flame and we are helping.O Muslims Yahud o Nasara will never be ur friend.

  42. Lucky Hero says:

    god bless and save our brothers. whats is going on around???

  43. YAA ALLAH MADAD. this is very bad news. really sad news for us. as we know that kuwait is a very peace full country . may Allah keep own rehmat on kuwait . please . we all are muslims. never think anything else.

  44. the way they will create there base in such a peaceful country is by sunna and shia issue take care kuwaiti people and remember together we stand divided we fall we are all muslims

  45. Oh very sad news may Allah blasé us,,,,

  46. pigs entered kuwait also

  47. May God peace in #Heaven ..

  48. Ya Rabb save your people
    In Kuwait….ameen

  49. Allaha har musliam bhai kao madat farma

  50. Allaha har musliam ke madat marma

  51. bomb blast in kuwait masjid
    imam sadiq masjid
    kuwait city….

  52. Allah never forgive you – its too bad to kill innocence people… help injured – and we appeal govt and doctors please save them –

  53. Inna lillahi wa inna Hi sad..

  54. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون Very very sad news

  55. Don Shiva says:

    Said news today be care full pls….

  56. Don Shiva says:

    Said news today be care full pls….

  57. Was this now? Today? Friday, with the Juma'ah prayers?

  58. Was this now? Today? Friday, with the Juma'ah prayers?

  59. Zoya Khan says:

    Which mosque ? Pls update

  60. Zoya Khan says:

    Which mosque ? Pls update

  61. byombahan na isab in ambuk masjid sin Shia kaina yaun. Syahbu pa tuud sambahayang Jumaat.

  62. Shezi Rana says:

    5 die and mostly injured

  63. Shezi Rana says:

    RIP imam sadiq mosque 5, die .very Sad

  64. lanat to ISIS and its supporters and funders.

  65. Ria Shahid says:

    Oh My Allah!!! In which mosque?? Any loss of life? This is very sad…and terrifying too….!!!! Not in ramadan atleast …may Allah protect kuwait and the peace of kuwait…Ameen!!

  66. Kuwait cite bomb Blast

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