A smile in Kuwait

January 26, 20160

Although Kuwait has not been generally known as a melting pot, it is obvious that it is woven in the fabric of the culture.

Kuwait is a wonderful place that allows all cultures and races to live harmoniously together. At first glance one may not think so, yet when you look deeper into the multi-faceted Kuwaiti culture whether a native citizen or other nationality, it is obvious that a deep respect and keen tolerance for all cultures, races and religions is present. In this country we all live together in peace.

849542b5-4b8a-46c3-ae84-8c0abf4e3379“Who do you love?” once sang LL Cool J. Whether you frequent Marina Crescent or Gate Mall, you are bound to see people coming together to share their experience and amongst them some will even find love. A true understanding of love, a love that can stand for itself amongst the many hurdles that life will present to the couple. The beauty in Kuwait is that you are destined to know, learn and grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally with others. Since we are all different, and accepting that difference without judgment; is the meaning of love. Since coming to Kuwait, it is obvious that people stand for each other. They understand that life is not about looking at YOU in the mirror or a copy of yourself; yet accepting the differences we share with love.

4dd00235-f874-4bc8-aea0-1bc6aaca4cf8On the topic of love, it is always apparent that cultures, races and religions are coming together to unify in Kuwait. I have not lived in any other GCC country so I cannot speak to that, yet here in Kuwait you can always see how cultures weave together to create a lasting bond. Before doing research on this topic, I interviewed many families and couples who are of different of backgrounds living harmoniously together. Over the holidays I was invited to a friend’s home for Christmas, of who will be a mixed religious marriage one day. It was beautiful to see them, as well as the other guests enjoying a holiday that may not be something they would traditionally celebrate. I also had the opportunity to interview other mixed marriage families. I myself come from a mixed marriage where my mother is Croatian and my father is Lebanese. In Canada this is very common yet I did not expect to see this in Kuwait. My assumption was wrong. Very wrong! I recently met a family where the mother is from the Philippines’. and the father Scottish, another family where the mother was Christian and the father Muslim. Celebrations then become a part of their rituals as they embrace each other’s differences as opposed to using it against growth and change.

Some of our greatest challenges as humans are to learn from each other and grow from those differences withoute5c3ba1f-658e-4510-a697-2c0c7bed0b50 judgment. This is obvious in Kuwait as we are all from different backgrounds and enjoy a peaceful existence in a country that embraces difference – as strength towards innovation and growth. How many expats have started business’s, married and become active citizens who have laid a strong foundation in Kuwait while walking their path with someone who is not the same? Going forward, it is obvious that the youth in Kuwait whether Kuwaiti or expat will be different than their forefathers. With so many young Kuwaiti’s living, studying and travelling abroad from such a young age, it is obvious that the mindset can never be the same.

Nothing is more obvious as an expat or Kuwaiti than the relationships we form with people in this country of Kuwait.  From the friendships, to the romances and above all the ability to relate to one another without speaking the same language or growing up with the same family rituals and traditions. We accept the differences we share. I use share as no holiday, tradition or celebration is not attended by all who take part your life. Our plethora of friends in Kuwait is not limited to our birth right of a certain religion, culture or race. We all come together to share our moment in time in a country we now call home; with love.

By: Natasha E. Feghali …. Expat, intellectual, socialite…

Natasha E. Feghali
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