A man kills 4-year-old daughter, keeps her body in freezer for a week in Hawally

May 29, 201646 Comments

UPDATE 03.01.2014 :

A court in Kuwait on Monday sentenced a couple to death by hanging after it found them guilty of torturing their four-year-old daughter until she died.

However, the sentence is not final and can be challenged at the Court of Appeals and subsequently at the Court of Cassation.

A man arrested for killing his daughter and hiding her body in a freezer for a week in the district of Hawali.

A man kills 4-year-old daughter, keeps her body in freezer for a week in Hawally 1 A man kills 4-year-old daughter, keeps her body in freezer for a week in Hawally 3 A man kills 4-year-old daughter, keeps her body in freezer for a week in Hawally 4

He reportedly confessed to beating up his four-year-old daughter to death and purchasing a freezer a week ago to hide her body. “I beat her repeatedly with an electrical wire because she is naughty, causes a mess and makes the house dirty”, he told the police.

A security source told Arabic newspaper Al-Rai that the man tortured his daughter who was left in his care by her mother. The body of the girl has been sent for post mortem.

The 26-year-old man is said to be a drug addict and has been referred to the Public Prosecution.

Source : GD Online

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  2. Humans being animals.

  3. He is devil not a human should b punished strictly make a sign for others.

  4. This man should be sentence to died, in no time , people like this shouldn't be a allow to have kids by their side, it doesn't matter where he come from he is evil

  5. Practically there is no solution to these problems, it's been on since the beginning of time. There are zillions of disturbed personalities in the world, who have and continue to do way worse. Now take for example the Gorilla incident, we're weeping over the little kid, and his irresponsible parents, but no one cares that they shot down a member of an almost extinct species. I thought zoos were supposed to keep tranquilizers at hand. Any ways point being the world was and always will be tormented. Any one who hopes for world peace "like in the beauty pageants" is a fool. I'm sorry for being blunt friends but that's the harsh reality of life.

  6. Nur Diyab says:

    but im pretty sure he must be tortured and put in hell of a jail for this

  7. Nur Diyab says:

    Mahesh Solanki no mate
    you dont punish someone by killing them for killing someone

  8. Absolutely I agree with you frank

  9. I mean no parents can accept the losses of their own child or children!!!!!……

  10. How I wish to have a daughter, but until now still don't have and my son this September turn his age to 19 yrs old,
    And this men is very lucky for having a daughter, then just because of a simple things?!…that is a child even though she makes millions of times to scattered all the trash inside the bin she's still a child that all on her mind is playing, eating, laughing, hugging her parents and etc. then he killed it!.. I think his having a psychological problem,coz no parents can watch their child in pain and no parents can accept the losses of their on child or children!!!……

  11. Rahul Raj says:

    You said it…. i can't see those pictures of girl. God will give punishment…..

  12. Raheel Ali
    Ur right and it was wrong. A child is a grift from God to take care of and to love. He let druges change his life for the bad and he killed his child. U see the devil new his weakness .

  13. Raheel Ali says:

    But she got pain in her innocence

  14. Nour Mangelin i am also agree with you hengs him till deth

  15. You're right. We should think about the long term solution for all the problems not just here in Kuwait but for the entire world as well. It made me sad and shocked after I saw the news on my fb feed. It is definitely unthinkable how such a father killed his own daughter. I have two daughters too and I feel like my flesh starts to shiver.

  16. What can u say or do. That poor baby had no chance with a crazy man like that. I know she is with God and will not suffer no more

  17. I'm furious, can't comprehend why bring a child if you can't give love and care! why??? you could've just abandon her somewhere rather than killing her. My heart breaks reading this article specially seeing the picture of the innocent angel inside the freezer….*tears rolling while typing* you may pass/skip whatever the judgement here on earth but you will definitely face ALLAH the almighty in the hereafter… May this lovely soul rest in peace and be with the angels in paradise….AMEN!

  18. i think he is sick man ,would you belive any onr can touch the daughter . daughter is a great blassing from ALLAH. i pray MAY ALLAH keep all of us daughter save

  19. Definately he is insane. He should be punished . The first step should be the protection of other children. The mother should be send to Psychiatric center. Governement should take stronger steps against substance abuse.

  20. Raheel Ali says:

    please please hang him
    i am crying after hear this news how cute the baby girls are and u beat her ALLLAH

  21. 100% agree with u dear Frank Silvestri

  22. No one is getting the root problem here he is 26 and his wife is 23 years old , They have four childern and he is unemployed. and he is an drug addict . i bet most of the time the parnets fight and abuse their children . what he did is the worst a human can do . But to solve this kind of problems happinig in future . Only punishing is not enough . their should be long term steps like

    1) make more restriction on any kind of drug
    2) Getting after marragie eduacation how to handle familiy life and kids.
    3) Education is most imporatant to understa a situtation and solve it wisely
    4) Most of the crime happens becasue people are not happy of satisfied what they have and they need more and more , so this drives them to pursue wrong way

    Saying Alhmdulillah and mean it is important in life. I pray for the girl (May Allah gives her Jannah) .and also pray for the he sibilling that they get proper and healty life.

  23. Rip my dear little kid.

  24. He is mentail nationality man

  25. He's crazy! He's not normal at all, put him in jail. He should be punished.

  26. Very bad news in our humanity

  27. I always dreamt of having a daughter and so sad when u wanted to have one but no husband but this man is so insane killing her daughter, why didn't u give her to me and i will take care of her and raise her as my daughter!!! Rip little girl…

  28. Shit! . . . .go to hell. . . .!u d0nt have mercy 0n her! . . .I h0pe God will punished you until the rest of ur life, . .

  29. Go to hell crazy man..

  30. Ya rabbi why he did that ya haram the small baby feel sad really father must in jail

  31. Omg. Hope he will get punish as well y not mentioned he's citizen

  32. Yes doesn't materwhere is he from, he is a monster

  33. Friends please don't blame nationality wrong is wrong doesn't matter what nationality

  34. His mentally ill…just for a mess then he will kill his own daughter?

  35. Hani Mo says:

    Joëlle E. Arbane proof?

  36. Does not matter where he is from. He is a monster and should be punished and put to death for this horrible and unthinkable act.

  37. Ahmed Emam says:

    U can go fuck yourself BRO …

  38. حشبي الله عليه

  39. He is kuwaiti for the record

  40. 70% egyption behave like this with children and i am sure he is also egyption
    انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

  41. Koky Yaser says:

    Crazy …go to hell

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