6 gays arrested in Farwaniya

February 3, 20180

6 gay individuals were arrested in massage shops in Farwaniya. They were also found possessing women’s clothing and make up.

Gulf Cooperation Council homosexuality test was a planned homosexuality test that would have been used in Kuwait and other Gulf states to prevent any homosexual travelers from entering the countries. The director of public health Yousuf Mindkar from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health proposed that routine medical examinations would have also screened for homosexuality. Mindkar also spoke against allowing transgender people to Kuwait. Obtaining a visa already requires passing a health examination by migrant workers from certain countries. Those who would have failed the tests would have had their visas revoked.

It has been suggested that concern for hosting 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and fears for controversy in a case that football fans would have been screened, made Mindkar to backtrack the plans and insist that it was a mere proposal. The proposal was set to be discussed in Oman on 11 November 2013 by a central committee tasked with reviewing the situation concerning expatriates.

Previously in 2012 over 2 million expatriates across Gulf Cooperation Council countries were gender tested. Homosexuality is illegal in the Gulf Cooperation Council member states including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman. source 

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