15 Arrested in raid

July 24, 2016

15 Arrested in Fake Domestic Help Office. Suspects are from Ethiopia and has taken to concern authorities for further investigation.

ethiopians in kuwait

Mentally ill woman rapist caught

 The public security officers, in cooperation with the Farwaniya police have arrested the Syrian man who was wanted by law for sexually assaulting a mentally retarded young woman a few days ago, reports Al-Anba daily. During interrogation the Syrian admitted to the charge and said he wanted to marry the woman. (more…)

Filipina maid steals sponsor’s KD 4,600

Police have arrested a Filipina house worker for stealing KD 4,600 from the home of her female Kuwaiti sponsor, reports Al-Anba daily. (more…)

Hunt launched for ‘hacker’

 Just after 24 hours after penetrating the website of the Interior Ministry, the same hacker is said to have managed to access the site of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW), reports Al-Shahed daily. According to reliable sources affirmed Kuwait’s Interior Ministry is coordinating efforts with its Saudi counterpart to identify the hacker who is targeting state institutions. (more…)

MOI has prepared a list of fake social media accounts

 The Criminal Investigations Department of the Ministry of Interior has prepared a list of fake social media accounts which are largely responsible for spreading lies and endangering national unity, reports Al-Qabas daily, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting reliable sources. (more…)

Man rapes mentally retarded woman

Police are looking for a Syrian man for sexually assaulting a 22-year-old mentally retarded woman, reports Al- Anba daily. (more…)

Man tricks ex-wife into forceful sex

Police are looking for a Kuwaiti for sexually assaulting his exwife, reports Al-Rai daily. (more…)

One year old dead body found in freezer in Kuwait

The remains of a Filipina were found inside a freezer at an apartment in Al-Shaab area. The body, believed to have been kept inside the freezer for over one year, was uncovered shortly after the Filipino government suspended the recruitment of workers to Kuwait amid threats of withdrawing those who are currently working in the country. (more…)

Furnished Apartment in 40 KWD but sleeping is not allowed,

 ‘Furnished Apartment for daily hire’ reads an advertisement which at first site may look just ordinary, but one of the conditions make this advertisement suspicious which reads ‘No Sleeping in the apartment’, reports Al-Rai daily. (more…)

6 gays arrested in Farwaniya

6 gay individuals were arrested in massage shops in Farwaniya. They were also found possessing women’s clothing and make up. (more…)

Court issued death sentence against a Kuwaiti woman and her friend

The Criminal Court has issued death sentence against a Kuwaiti woman and her friend who are convicted of the murder of her daughter. Lawyer Ali Al-Ali, who is representing the father of the victim, said in a press release that the verdict should serve as a deterrent to anyone without a conscience and intends to commit such crimes. He urged the court to sentence the two defendants to death for the crime they are proven to have committed. (more…)

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