100 days Probation period of the worker, Kuwait ( Article 32 )

May 8, 201512 Comments


The probation period of the worker shall be specified in the work contract, provided that it shall not exceed 100 working days. Either party may terminate the contract during the probation period without notice.

In the event where the termination is made by the employer, he shall pay the worker’s end of service benefit for the period of work in accordance with the provisions of this law.  The worker shall not be on probation more than once for same employer.

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  1. Hello friends i didn't complete my probation period before 100 days with in how many days its possible to leave from here because sultan center cheated so much

  2. Hi everyone, I would like to ask advice please, I didn't finish my probation period, I resign to the company, they will let me fee the charges for transferring my visa,but they give me 1 week to transfer my visa to the new company, and they told me after 1week if I will not be transfer they will tell the police, please tell me what to do? Do I need to go to kuwait labor law to tell them about this problem?thank you please do comment

  3. Hi Can someone help me, my company terminating my contract i started march 15 & i received a letter on june 13 they will terminate the contract effective 20 june? Is that legal? My residence was already transfer last 22 April. & the reason of termination is they want to cut the labor cost, is that reasonable for termination? Am i possible to get a new co. Since there is new labor law for atleast working for 1 year before u can transfer, how about the cancellation of visa even i am local hired. Pls. Need your help & advice. Thank you!

  4. Yes you can left the company as long as you still in probation period same as I do

  5. Md Hasan says:

    I think Kuwait people and Kuwait company is not totally bad because all make problem Egyptian people if Egyptian people is not in mainisman we can work nicely in Kuwait all most company labor sarvic money tack Egyptian people its really haram my 10 yars service money thy tack it

  6. Md Hasan says:

    Everything is good typeing in Arab times but Kuwaiti Mosley company not following this I was working one company 10 years but he didn't give me eny service money

  7. What about if u still not yet finish your probation & u dont like the company??Can i left the company as early i want??

  8. My company not give salary for me

  9. Dear friends now I'm in probation period

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